Mohun Bagan top officials step down citing non-cooperation

first_imgKolkata, Mar 12 (PTI) Cracks have surfaced in the Mohun Bagan camp after they failed to win the I-League title as senior officials Debashis Dutta and Srinjoy Bose today stepped down from their posts, alleging non-cooperation from secretary Anjan Mitra. Clubs assistant secretary Bose and finance secretary Dutta put in their papers this afternoon and later called a media conference at the Calcutta Sports Journalists Club to convey their decision. “This is not an overnight decision. We have been thinking about it for about four years now. We have not found a solution and the situation has worsened. No one is indispensable,” Bose told reporters. Asked whether the players would suffer due to this and with the Super Cup coming up in a few days time, Dutta said, “The team is in safe hands with coach Shankarlal Chakraborty. “We have recently pruned the squad to 25 and they will leave for Bhubaneswar on March 19 for practice. They (Anjan Mitra and his office bearers) have a lot of time left to make a champion squad for next season,” he added. When contacted, Mitra said he will react only after discussing with his executive committee members. “Im hearing about the resignation, Ive not yet seen the letter. I will take a decision after meeting the executive committee members,” Mitra said. The 2015 I-League champions finished third in the season, ahead of arch-rivals East Bengal as both the Maidan heavyweights failed to live up to the expectations in yet another forgettable season. PTI TAP AT ATadvertisementlast_img read more

15 Best Food Documentaries of All Time

first_imgOur all-time favorite food documentary follows the life of Jiro Ono, an 85-year-old sushi chef considered the best in the world. His small 10-seat restaurant is located within a subway station, serves a set course, and can take months to get reservations. It was the first establishment of its kind to gain a three-star Michelin Guide rating. Both the visuals and the story arch are stunning, mimicking Jiro’s constant pursuit of perfection. Have a sashimi take-out menu close at hand.Super Size Me (2004) In summary: You’ll never want to eat McDonald’s again (or you’ll want to immediately go to McDonald’s … it’s a toss-up). This 2004 documentary sealed Morgan Spurlock into the guild of iconic documentarians. The concept was simple: Eat only McDonalds for a month— breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert — and see how your health changes. Spurlock’s social experiment was simultaneously a cultural break-check on the role corporate giants have on American lives and health, particularly the obesity epidemic.Noma: My Perfect Storm (2015) The Best Netflix Food Documentaries to Savor Right Now Located in Copenhagen, Noma was named the best restaurant in the world. The title changed everything, especially for chef René Redzepi, who finds himself stuck between creating tranquil, brilliant meals and the scattered, frustrated anxiety of staying on top. Some of the otherworldly dishes you’ll see include bread and grilled roses, crispy reindeer moss, and wild blueberry and ants.What The Health (2017) The Best Travel and Adventure Documentaries on Netflix Right Now The Best Food Shows on Netflix to Binge Right Now Editors’ Recommendations 10 Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix Right Now When we think of food documentaries, we think of, well, food. And chefs and restaurants and grocery stores. But hardly ever the soil. Symphony of the Soil explores the relationship between soil, plants, and animals, highlighting the virtues of organic farming and experts who have made their life around getting dirty growing soil to grow plants. If you don’t normally like foreign or subtitled films, this slow-moving, molecular-detailed doc might not be your pace.Vegucated (2011) This doc peels the lid off the obscene power modern-day food companies hold, which operate under the decree of faster, fatter, bigger, cheaper, and how the supermarket is a land field of heavily-processed, corn-based, food-like items. Also, the government and food industries are largely corrupt, and healthy food is intentionally harder to buy, and … just spare us the struggle and watch it. One of the best (and most eye-opening documentaries) every American should watch.For Grace (2015) Deep down we know sugar is bad for us, but Australian documentarian Damon Gameau is reminding us just how wicked the sweet stuff is (we promise you will be disturbed). Using himself as a test rat, Gameau adopts a low-fat, high-sugar diet equivalent to 40 tsp of sugar a day. The result: He feels like crap. Expert interviews delve into the molecular level of sugar calories and how they work (or more correctly, how they don’t work), and uncover the insane amount of sugar hiding in everyday food items, which are added to reach the “bliss point” that makes food more desirable.Fed Up (2014) If you weren’t already convinced every ailment the human species has can be traced back to food, well buckle up. Fed Up is hard-hitting, fact-focused, and packs a “holy $#&!” moment every couple of minutes. American journalist Katie Couric investigates why childhood obesity has become an epidemic. We’ll give you two hints: The “fat-free” movement and libel of food labels. of the Soil (2012)center_img Top-tier chef Jake Bickelhaupt opens a restaurant below his apartment with his wife. They call it 42 Grams as a play on how much the soul is said to weigh (21 grams times two people). While we ordinarily wouldn’t recommend this movie on account of the restaurant mysteriously closing due to domestic abuse, 42 grams remains one of the most real and terrifying accounts of how abusive and obsessive chefs can become, losing themselves to the ego of “greatness.”Ella Brennan: Commanding the Table (2016) The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now Attempting to seek out a dietary approach to preventing and reversing chronic disease (OK, we’re down), filmmaker Kip Andersen traces the smoking gun back to animal products. The pro-vegan film prompted us to take a good look at our meat/cheese/dairy consumption and test out healthier swaps. It’s huge when a food documentary physically makes you get up from the couch and seek out a healthier diet. However, many of the claims, such as eggs being as bad as cigarettes, have been called out as bologna. As with all docs, it goes without saying take everything with a grain of salt, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.Sour Grapes (2016) At only 24-years-old, Paul Liebrandt became the youngest chef in history to receive a three-star rating from The New York Times for his hyper-modern dishes such as espuma of calf brains and foie gras. A Matter of Taste shows how Liebrandt did what no one thought possible to do with food (while also seeing a certain wildness that landed him either on the most-hated or most-loved list for critics). The 2011 documentary follows Liebrandt through fame, the creation process, unemployment, and gives a provoking look at the cutthroat world of haute cuisine in New York City.Too hungry now? Why not watch something a little less food-focused by checking out the best documentaries streaming on Netflix. For GraceFrom luxury Michelin-star restaurants to hot-headed chefs to the disgusting secrets hidden within the food-supply chain, this is the definitive list of the 15 best food documentaries of all time. (Yes, there is one about wine, too. Think of it as a mix of The Wolf of Wall Street and Ocean’s 11.)Be prepared to raid your kitchen or zip down to the local cheese shop after pressing play. Some of these films might even prompt you to give up sugar, book a trip to Tokyo just for the sushi, or volunteer at your local garden.Bon appetit!Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) Not technically a food when finished, but we’re putting it on here, anyway. Sour Grapes is a 100-percent Rotten Tomatoes-rated documentary about wine. And damn, it’s exciting. Following the legend of the Gen-X Great Gatsby, a young wine savant who conned investors out of millions of dollars in “the world’s greatest wine fraud.”That Sugar Film (2014) Three meat-and-cheese-loving New Yorkers are thrust into a vegan diet. That means faux meat, zero eggs, and adios butter. During their six-week “vegucation” trial, the three get a lesson in Factory Farming 101, exposing the largely inhumane treatment to animals. We’re not saying you should be a vegan, but we are saying is know what happened to your meat in order for it to reach your plate, because that’s what it means to be a real man. A little rough around the edges, this doc will get you #woke.Somm (2012) Screw Julia Child. Southern icon Ella Brennan was the true queen of food and a household name in the industry that you’ve probably never heard of. She was a celebrity restauranteur before there were celebrity chefs. Now, big names like Emeril Lagasse, Daniel Boulud, Jeremiah Tower, and Tory McPhail give us a glimpse of this vibrant, smart, food-loving matriarch of Creole fare.Food, Inc. (2008) Do you know every single wine on the planet? These guys do. Four wine stewards study for the Master Sommelier Exam to earn the highest level of recognition for a Sommelier: the Master Sommelier diploma. However, the test is one of the world’s most difficult exams, not to mention it’s presided over by a notoriously selective Court of Master Sommeliers. For a taste, Somm shows how the exam covers all aspects of the world and industry of wine, beer, spirits/cocktails, and hospitality from a business, service, and philosophy. Did we mention the typical pass rate is 3 percent to 8 percent? So yeah, there are some breakdowns.42 Grams (2017) This 2015 documentary follows chef Curtis Duffy as he turns his Chicago restaurant, Grace, into the most sought-after dining experience in the country. You’ll be asking why it never fell onto your plate earlier. Watch as the Michelin-starred Duffy builds Grace literally from the ground up, designing his own kitchen, toys, and menu. Even more surprising is a look at the intense tragedies that defined Duffy’s youth how they make him the last person you’d expect to be as successful and kind as the chef of Grace. This one is pretty damn inspiring and uplifting.A Matter of Taste (2011)last_img read more

PICA Automating Citizenship Application

first_img The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) is automating its citizenship application process for greater efficiency. “By the beginning of the next financial year, we expect to start in phases to roll out the new processes,” Chief Executive Officer of PICA, Andrew Wynter, told JIS News in a recent interview. Story Highlights “This will improve the turnaround time for applications, so that persons will be able to get their citizenship faster,” he added. The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) is automating its citizenship application process for greater efficiency.“By the beginning of the next financial year, we expect to start in phases to roll out the new processes,” Chief Executive Officer of PICA, Andrew Wynter, told JIS News in a recent interview.“This will improve the turnaround time for applications, so that persons will be able to get their citizenship faster,” he added.The PICA CEO told JIS News that the decision followed a recently completed business review of the agency’s citizenship and passport processes.He noted that presently, the application for citizenship can take up to three years. The agency is seeking to reduce this to a maximum of 12 months.“We have been looking at our citizenship process for some time now because one of the concerns that we have had is that it takes quite a while…. [Presently] it is very manual,” he noted.“We decided we needed to find a way to improve the whole process of persons applying to be citizens, how to make it easier and more in line with the kind of technologies that are available today,” he added.Mr. Wynter said that the automation, which includes online application, will provide easier access to the service by persons overseas.“Because we are not online, we can’t reach them. By putting this in place, they will have the opportunity to submit their information… . This is one area in which the agency can grow and improve the products and services that we offer the people of Jamaica and other foreign nationals who wish to become citizens of Jamaica,” he said.Turning to other areas of improvement, Mr. Wynter told JIS News that discussions are under way to install more automated kiosks at the country’s ports of entry to deal with the increased volume of visitors to the island.He said that the agency is also working with the Jamaica Customs Agency to provide an online passenger declaration form to facilitate faster processing of passengers at ports of entry.Mr. Wynter informed that PICA is also considering introducing e-passports. He explained that this will involve embedding an electronic microprocessor chip in the traditional passport, containing biometric information that can be used to authenticate the identity of the passport holder.He noted that the improvements are important as the agency seeks to provide first class services for the next generation of travellers.“We have to identify which of our products and processes we can digitize, because we have to prepare ourselves for the next generation of users of our products and services,” he said.last_img read more

Workers Evacuated from Pemex Platform amid Gas Leak

first_imgzoom Eighty-five workers have been evacuated from a Pemex-owned platform in the Gulf of Mexico after a gas leak was discovered.Mexico’s national oil company said in a Tweet on Tuesday that the workers were evacuated as a precaution measure from the satellite platform Sihil-A, located in an oil field in the Bay of Campeche.According to Pemex, there have been no reported injuries or fire.The company said that it was controlling the gas leak, discovered on Tuesday, at around 9 pm local time.This is the fourth incident involving Pemex-run rigs in the Gulf of Mexico this year. Two previous incidents took the toll of at least six lives.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Contribution Rates to Public Service Pension Increase

first_imgMembers of the Government of Nova Scotia’s largest pension planwill see an increase in pension premiums later this year as thegovernment moves to ensure the long-term health of their pensionplan, Finance Minister Peter Christie announced today, March 18. The Public Service Superannuation Plan will require both membersand employers to increase pension plan contributions by one percent as of June 1. This is the first contribution increase since 1983. The decisionwas made based on a recent actuarial report on the state offunding of the plan. “We have a responsibility to protect the pension plan foremployees,” said Mr. Christie. “This is the first premiumincrease in over 20 years — and it represents security for allof our workers.” The Public Service Superannuation Plan has performed well overthe years, and surpluses in the fund have been able to subsidizepremiums. However, recent actuarial reports show the plan has anannual shortfall in contributions of $23 million. Highercontributions are needed to maintain the level of benefits forretiring employees in future. Rates will be going up to 6.4 per cent on earnings up to $40,500and eight per cent on amounts over that. Current pension earnerswill not be affected. “This is a responsible and necessary investment that is in theinterest of our employees,” said Mr. Christie. “The employers ofthose participating in the plan will continue to match thesecontributions.” Members of the Public Service Superannuation Plan includeGovernment of Nova Scotia permanent civil servants, highwayworkers, employees of various Crown corporations, public healthand drug dependency workers in the district health authorities,employees of the former Victoria General Hospital and Nova ScotiaHospital as well as some employees at the Nova Scotia CommunityCollege, Dalhousie University and Chignecto-Central RegionalSchool Board. There are more than 14,000 active plan members andmore than 25,000 active, deferred and retired members. The change will require a change to the Public ServiceSuperannuation Act in the spring.last_img read more

Winter Sportfishing Season Opens Jan 1

first_imgNova Scotia anglers can once again head to selected lakes and streams to enjoy some winter fishing in 2006, including a new season for rainbow trout in Everitts Lake, Digby Co. Anglers need a 2005 general fishing licence to fish for chain pickerel, white and yellow perch, and rainbow trout. The fishing licence is valid until March 31, 2006. Licenses can be purchased at Department of Natural Resources offices. The Bras d’Or Lakes are open for winter angling of rainbow trout from Jan. 1 to March 31. The bag limit is two fish per day. Five areas of the Bras d’Or Lakes are closed to all angling to protect brook trout and Atlantic salmon. They include the areas above the Baddeck River Bridge on Highway 105 (including Cains Pond), inside the East Bay sandbar, above Crowdis Bridge in River Denys Basin, above Black River Bridge in Dundee and above Mackenzie Brook bridge near the south side of River Denys. Several other lakes will reopen this winter for rainbow trout fishing: Cameron and Gillis lakes, Antigonish County; Angevine Lake, Cumberland County; Albro Lake, Halifax County; Gairloch Lake, Pictou County; Goose Harbour Lake, Guysborough County; Sucker Lake, Lunenburg County; Levers Lake and No. 20 Dam, Cape Breton County; and Hidden Hills Lake, Queens County. The season on these lakes runs from Jan. 1 to March 31. The bag limit is two fish per day. In addition to Everitts Lake, Digby County; Meadow Pond, Hants County; and Silver and Sunken lakes, Kings County, will also be open for rainbow trout from Jan. 1 to Feb. 28. The bag limit is two fish per day. Chain pickerel anglers will enjoy fishing opportunities in many areas of the province this season. In Digby County the Meteghan River, including all lakes and tributaries, is open, as is the Annis River and Kiack Brook (near Belleville South) in Yarmouth County and their lakes and tributaries. Other lakes open for chain pickerel this winter include Louis Lake, Queens County; Walls Lake, The Ponds in Port LaTour and Bakers Flats on Cape Sable Island, Shelburne County; Morris, Russell, Fish and Kinsac lakes in Halifax County; Lily Lake (Cogamun Pond), Hants County; Shortts Lake, Colchester County; and Black Lake and West Branch Lake, Pictou County. The season is from Jan. 1 to March 31. The bag limit for chain pickerel is 25 fish per day. Angling for white and yellow perch will be permitted from Jan. 1 to March 31 on Springfield Lake, Annapolis County; Angevine (Dewars Lake), Cumberland County; Cameron and Gillis lakes, Antigonish County; Meteghan River, including all lakes and tributaries, Yarmouth County; Albro Lake, Halifax County; Shortts Lake, Colchester County; and Woodward Sanford Lake, Hants County. The bag limit for each of these species is 25 fish per day. Anglers are reminded to use caution during the winter fishery whether they were fishing from shore, in boats or on the ice.last_img read more

Traffic Advisories Guysborough County

first_img GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: South River Lake Road South River Lake Road, from Route 316 east for 6.1 kilometres, will have intermittent one-lane closures for gravelling and paving from Tuesday, July 24, to Sunday, Sept. 30. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-533-2771 Fax: 902-533-4352 Local Area Office: 902-533-2771 Fax: 902-533-4352 GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: Route 316 Route 316, from about 6 kilometres, south of Route 276 at Goshen, south to the Guysborough-St. Mary’s municipal boundary will have intermittent one-lane closures for gravelling and paving from Tuesday, July 24, to Sunday, Sept. 30. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. -30-last_img read more

Chinese President to visit India this year

first_imgNew Delhi: Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit India this year for which the venue and the dates are being finalised, the External Affairs Ministry said here on Wednesday. “During the first Informal Summit in Wuhan, Chinese President Xi had accepted the invitation of PM Modi to visit India for the next Informal Summit in 2019. “The two sides are in touch, through diplomatic channels, to finalise the date and venue for the meeting,” the Ministry said in a press statement. “Details about the visit will be announced in due course after the details are finalized,” it added. The first informal summit took place in April 2018 in Wuhan in China.last_img read more

More than one third engineering seats vacant after third counselling

first_imgKolkata: More than one third of the total seats in the engineering colleges across the state are remained vacant even after the end of the third round of centralised online counseling conducted by West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board. According to sources in the board, 11,933 of the 33,000 odd seats that was made available for counselling have been lying vacant.The state Higher Education department has already directed the universities and the institutions to carry out decentralized counselling to fill up the vacant seats. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaJadavpur University will conduct counselling on August 12 and 14 to for the 200 odd engineering seats remaining vacant after the centralized counseling of the board. Out of 1,243 engineering seats at JU in 16 departments 197 seats have not been occupied as yet. JU has reserved 533 of its 594 BTech seats in the general category for students domiciled in Bengal this year. “The third round of centralised counselling ended on July 20 and the vacant seat count is expected to cross 200 after the ongoing admission season ends on August 6,” a JU professor said. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayCalcutta University has decided to hold the first phase of decentralised counselling on August 5 for the 50 seats in the four-year BTech programme that were left vacant after centralised counselling. “The entire admission process in engineering is completed by October. It is too early to comment whether the admission trend is impressive or not at this juncture,” said a senior official of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Technology (Makaut) . Makaut presently has around 90 engineering colleges and 110 professional colleges across the state affiliated to it. “More than 30,000 students are graduating every year from Makaut and we are taking all possible measures to make our students employable. Steps are being taken to ensure that the research works are business oriented and not limited to patents only,” the official added. A member of the state Higher Education Council who refused to be named said that the university had lost a number of BTech aspirants to some of the newer IITs and the NITs. The state Joint Entrance Examination was held much later than similar examinations in other states and results were published much later. So a number of students from Bengal had already taken admission in engineering institutes at other states,” the official said.last_img read more

Tiffany Haddish joins Madam CJ Walker

first_imgLos Angeles: Tiffany Haddish and Carmen Ejogo have boarded the cast of Octavia Spencer-starrer ‘Madam CJ Walker’. The Netflix limited series is based on A’Lelia Bundles’ book ‘On Her Own Ground’. Nicole Jefferson Asher has created the show, the streaming giant said in a statement. The four-part drama tells the “untold, culturally important, and highly relevant story of black hair care pioneer and mogul Madam CJ Walker and how she overcame hostile turn-of-the-century America, epic rivalries, tumultuous marriages and family challenges to become America’s first black, self-made female millionaire”, according to the show’s official plotline. Spencer, who is also serving as executive producer, will portray the role of Sarah Breedlove, famously known as Madam CJ Walker. Haddish will play Lelia, the smart and feisty daughter of Breedlove and her late first husband, while Ejogo will essay the role of Addie, a hairstylist and former friend of Breedlove.last_img read more

UN refugee agency sounds alarm after 16 migrants drown on TurkishGreek border

1 July 2010The United Nations refugee agency today called on countries worldwide to do more to protect migrants trying to reach their destinations by river or sea after 16 people drowned this week while attempting to cross a river on the Turkish-Greek border. The migrants, most of whom were Somali, died on Tuesday, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported today from Athens. Eleven bodies were recovered on the Greek side of the Evros River and five were found on the Turkish side.UNHCR said it was the second time in a month that migrants had drowned crossing the Evros River, with three people dying in an incident at the end of May. The Evros River is an increasingly popular transit point for people trying to enter the European Union (EU).Giorgos Tsarbopoulos, the head of UNHCR’s office in Greece, said this week’s incident “once again underlines the vulnerability of people who are forced to flee and are trying to reach safety.“Sixteen people lost their lives because they felt they had no other option than to enter the EU through the clandestine services of smugglers,” he said. “We have every reason to believe that the majority had a legitimate need to seek international protection in the EU. This tragic incident highlights the need for States to protect people at sea and crossing rivers, regardless of their motivation for doing so.”UNHCR is also calling on governments to assess refugee applications from people from southern and central Somalia in the broadest possible way and to extend complementary forms of international protection when refugee status is not granted to someone. read more

World Court rules US must stay executions of 3 Mexicans

In a unanimous decision, the 15-judge body, often referred to as the World Court, indicated that the US must “take all measures necessary” to ensure that Cesar Fierro Reyna, Roberto Moreno Ramos and Osvaldo Torres Aguilera, are not executed pending its final judgement in the case of Avena and other Mexican nationals v. United States of America. The three men had exhausted their appeals and their execution dates were soon to have been scheduled. The Court said the delay was needed while the panel investigated whether the men – and 48 other Mexicans on US death row – were given their right to legal help from the Mexican Government. Mexico had filed a complaint against the US in The Hague-based tribunal on 9 January, charging that US officials in 10 states had “arrested, detained, tried, convicted and sentenced to death no fewer than 54 Mexican nationals” following proceedings in which the competent authorities failed to comply with their obligations under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Reading the decision from The Hague today, Presiding Judge Gilbert Guillaume said the court supported Mexico’s argument that executing the men would cause “irreparable” damage to their rights if the court later finds in Mexico’s favour. As to the other individuals listed in Mexico’s complaint, the Judge stressed that although currently on death row, their execution dates have not been set, but the Court may, “if appropriate, indicate provisional measures in respect to those individuals” before it renders a final judgement in the present case. Mexico asked the ICJ to recommend that the US stay all 54 executions until the Court issues a ruling. It has also asked the Court to recommend that the death sentences be reduced to life in prison and that the men be granted new trials with lawyers provided by the Mexican Government. The US argued that Mexico’s initial request amounted to “a sweeping prohibition of capital punishment of Mexican nationals in the United States regardless of US law” and would infringe on both US national sovereignty and states’ rights. In its order, which has a binding effect for the Parties, the Court indicated that the United States should inform it of all measures to implement the decision. The Court has yet to set a date for when it will hear oral arguments in the case and consider whether the prisoners’ rights were indeed violated under the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Rights. read more

Demir with 17 points Drexel beats Robert Morris 8269

PHILADELPHIA — Alihan Demir scored 17 points and grabbed seven rebounds as Drexel beat Robert Morris 82-69 on Saturday.Demir was 6 of 15 from the field for the Dragons (4-4). Troy Harper added 14 points, four rebounds and four assists, Trevor John had 13 points and seven rebounds and James Butler and Camren Wynter scored 11 points apiece.The Dragons trailed 17-10 early in the first half but rallied 15-7 in the final seven minutes to take a 42-34 lead at halftime.A dunk by Tim Perry Jr. capped a 14-8 Drexel surge to open the second half, making it 56-42 with 16:56 to play. Robert Morris got as close as 65-54 midway before the Dragons opened it up again on a Butler layup followed by a John 3-pointer for a 70-54 advantage with 8:32 left and they led by double figures the rest of the way.Josh Williams scored 15 points for the Colonials (4-4).In the crowd at Daskalakis Athletic Center, Drexel fans spotted NBA All-Star Ben Simmons and model Kendall Jenner.The Associated Press read more

Cavaliers Celtics kick off NBA regular season filled with lingering questions

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics meet again tonight, and this time, it counts.Six days after the Celtics beat the Cavs at the Schottenstein Center in the final preseason game, the teams kick off the NBA regular season at Quicken Loans Arena.The Cavs enter the ’09-’10 campaign trying to maintain focus on the court, despite several mounting issues off of it.New sheriff in townThe Cavs finished last season with the league’s best regular season record, at 66-16. Focus and determination paced the team through the schedule without many distractions or letdowns.With its vast array of team handshakes and pre-game routines, Cleveland demonstrated a close bond that top-tier teams strive for.After sweeping through the first two postseason series unscathed, Cleveland couldn’t contend with Orlando’s hot outside shooting as the Magic dispensed of the Cavs in six games.Orlando exposed weaknesses on the Cavs’ interior, as center Dwight Howard averaged 25.8 points and 13.0 rebounds per game, including 40 points and 14 boards in the series-clinching, game six victory.To counter Orlando’s post supremacy, the Cavs dealt for 15-time All-Star center Shaquille O’Neal. To defy criticism that he had little fuel left in his tank, O’Neal averaged 17.8 points and 8.4 rebounds last season with Phoenix.The King’s cloudy futureThe media have beaten to death the uncertainty regarding league MVP LeBron James’ future in Cleveland.James is scheduled to become a free agent once his contract ends after this season, and he has maintained a firm stance on not exploring his options until the season ends.The bright lights and infinite endorsement opportunities of the Big Apple could entice him to sign with the New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets.But the easiest solution to the dilemma could occur if the Cavs can win a championship.James has reiterated his aim to follow in the footsteps of Hall of Fame inductee Michael Jordan, who led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles.His talent level in New York or New Jersey wouldn’t immediately match the championship-caliber squad he currently leads in Cleveland.Regardless, James’ refusal to commit one way or the other keeps the issue relevant, potentially causing a distraction as the Cavs target a trip to the NBA Finals.Chemistry 101For the Cavs to replicate the camaraderie they displayed on the court last season, they must quickly surmount several obstacles.Delonte West, who started at shooting guard and played more minutes than any other Cavalier during the postseason, didn’t record any playing time during the preseason.West was arrested in September after being pulled over for speeding while carrying a pair of loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun in Maryland. The sixth-year guard has battled depression, and the team remains unsure of when he might return.Veteran Anthony Parker has assumed West’s starting spot.With two new starters, it could take time to reacquire the chemistry the team fed off of last season.Tuesday’s season opener against the championship contending Celtics could prove to be a measuring stick gauging how close the Cavs are to matching or exceeding last season’s success.After a 4-4 mark in the preseason, James contended that the Cavs will amp up their play up now that the wins and losses hold meaning.“The preseason is so long and dreadful,” James said. “I’m just ready to get the season started now.”As the Celtics and Cavaliers prepare to initiate a new season of basketball, O’Neal expressed his excitement as the two Eastern Conference titans clash.“I’ve been here 17 years and I’ve been in a lot of rivalries and will continue to be in rivalries and it only makes for good basketball,” he said. “[It’s] going to be a hell of a game.” read more

2010 Football preview Six players who could surprise

Duron CarterIt appears as if Carter has replaced the departed Ray Small in Tressel’s doghouse. His first strike was being academically ineligible for the Rose Bowl. Strike two was again grade-related, as Carter sat out all of spring practice with academic issues. Tressel said that even if Carter comes back, senior Taurian Washington will be the team’s No. 3 receiver.However, Carter was solid in his first season. Although he only recorded 13 catches for 176 yards and one touchdown, Carter displayed great hands and played over more experienced players. But until he gets his head on straight in the classroom, he won’t see the field in the fall.Jake StoneburnerStoneburner is the trendy pick for breakout offensive player in the fall, and for good reason. The 6-foot-5, 245-pound tight end should give OSU something it hasn’t had in years: a legitimate pass-catching threat at the tight end position. Throughout spring practice, Stoneburner wreaked havoc in the secondary, as his combination of size and speed make him difficult to cover. An improved offensive line should allow for Stoneburner to put his talent to use.Mike AdamsThe 6-foot-8, 300-pound highly recruited left tackle out of Dublin Coffman has had a rocky start to his career. His freshman campaign was spoiled by a shoulder injury. Later, in 2009, he was suspended for the first two games of last season for violating team rules.In addition to off-the-field issues, Adams’ performance on the gridiron was rocky at best. However, as the offensive line formed into a cohesive unit toward the end of last season, Adams’ play improved and he is the front-runner to start at left tackle in the fall. He was in great shape in the spring and if he can become a rock protecting Terrelle Pryor’s blind side, the OSU offensive line becomes that much better.John SimonOf anyone on this list, Simon appears to be a sure bet to become a star. He gained significant playing time last season as a true freshman, was the star of the April jersey scrimmage and will be a starter at defensive tackle next year. Although he might not appear overly imposing at 6-foot-2-inches, 270-pounds, Simon is nothing short of the Tasmanian Devil when it comes to penetrating the line of scrimmage.Etienne SabinoAfter spending most of his first two seasons on special teams, the athletically gifted Sabino should get his chance to start at strong-side linebacker next year. He’s also reportedly become much more focused in practice and game preparation. If he matches his work ethic with the physical gifts associated with his 6-foot-3-inch, 240-pound frame, the Miami native could be the Silver Bullets’ next star.Orhian JohnsonRecruited out of St. Petersburg, Fla., as an all-around athlete, Johnson has worked his way up the depth chart and looks to be the favorite to replace Kurt Coleman at free safety. Johnson’s combination of size, coverage skills and run defense aptitude has made him the front-runner in a talented safety field. read more

Ohio State mens soccer secures home game in Big Ten tournament

Members of the OSU men’s soccer team celebrate during a 4-1 win against Rutgers on Oct. 25 at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium.Credit: Taylor Cameron / Lantern photographerThe Ohio State men’s soccer team played with as if under fire in the second half Wednesday with one thing in mind: win and come home for its quarterfinal matchup in the Big Ten Tournament.And, thanks to a late goal by sophomore forward Christian Soldat, that is exactly where it will be playing Sunday — against a familiar foe.OSU (8-6-4, 5-3-0) defeated Michigan (6-8-3, 3-3-2), 2-1, in Ann Arbor, Mich., to conclude its regular season.Soldat — the top substitution off OSU coach John Bluem’s bench — deflected a shot off of a Michigan defender with just over five minutes remaining. Michigan redshirt-senior goalkeeper Adam Grinwis was crossed up by the deflection, and the shot trickled under his leg for Soldat’s third goal of the season.Though the deciding goal for the Buckeyes did not come until late, they wasted no time in getting the scoring started.For the second time this season, sophomore Danny Jensen scored within the opening minute of the match. The forward streaked down the field and took a feed from senior midfielder Max Moller, putting it in the back of the net just 26 seconds in for his fourth goal of the season.However, OSU was unable to hold onto that lead, as Michigan capitalized off a corner following a penalty kick saved by OSU redshirt-senior goalkeeper Alex Ivanov. Senior defender Ben Manko scored the goal off the corner with a header. Manko’s first of the season tied the game at 1-1 in the 31st minute, a score that held at the half.Ivanov did a lot to keep his team in the game in the first half. The reigning Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week saved five shots in the opening half.The Wolverines outshot OSU, 8-5, overall for the first half, with six of those coming on target.The second half quickly turned that trend around, with OSU furiously searching for the deciding goal.For the latter half, the Buckeyes outshot Michigan, 11-4, but were unfruitful in their pursuit for the game winner until Soldat’s score.It was a physical game between the rivals, as OSU committed 12 fouls in the game, while Michigan was whistled for eight. Jensen and junior defender Liam Doyle were also hit with yellow cards in the second half, as was Michigan freshman defender Billy Stevens.With about two minutes left, Ivanov made a save on a header going toward the top of the net to seal the victory. For the game, Ivanov, the Big Ten leader in saves, stopped six shots.OSU’s dreams of winning a share of the Big Ten regular season title came to a close early in the second half, when Maryland’s 3-2 win at Rutgers went final. The Terrapins finished with 16 points to finish alone atop the conference.However, OSU’s win was enough to push it one spot below Maryland as the second seed in the conference tournament.The Buckeyes finished the season in a tie with Penn State and Northwestern at 15 points apiece, but receive the tiebreaker because they hold the top intra-conference goal differential of the three at +6.As a result, the Buckeyes are set for a rematch with seventh-seeded Michigan. That game is scheduled for Sunday at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium, with a 1 p.m. kickoff.Clarification: Kickoff between OSU and Michigan on Sunday was originally listed as 2 p.m., but later changed to 1 p.m. read more

Three men on the run after stealing £800 worth of womens clothes

first_img“Alternatively, I would ask anyone who is offered either jeans or a scarf with the Indigo brand name of Marks and Spencers from anyone other than a licensed dealer to be on their guard and call us immediately.”Anyone with information should call police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.Read: NOW the recession is officially over: families are spending more on First Communions>Read: Minister welcomes industry concerns over children’s clothing and sexualisation> THREE MEN WENT into a Marks and Spencers store in England and stole hundreds of euro worth of women’s clothes.The trio went into the store posing as prospective customers. One was carrying a large Sports Direct bag and another a large Next bag.After heading over to the ladieswear section, they worked together to conceal the fact they had stashed more than £800 worth of clothing, including 10 dark blue jeans and 30 floral patterned scarves, into the bags.One of the suspects left with the bulging Next carrier bag before the other two left about a minute later.It happened at the Marks and Spencer store on George Street in Altrincham at about 2.40pm on 25 June.Police have now released a CCTV still and are appealing to anyone with information to come forward.Police Constable Geoff Donley said: “It is clear these men worked together to steal a large amount of clothing from this store. It was obviously a pre-planned criminal enterprise to shoplift these goods and we therefore need to find these men in case they plan to strike elsewhere.last_img read more

Des ballons lâchés audessus de lAntarctique pour collecter des données météorologiques

first_imgDes ballons lâchés au-dessus de l’Antarctique pour collecter des données météorologiquesAntarctique – Depuis la base américaine de Mc Murdo, plusieurs ballons stratosphériques ont été lâchés, afin de collecter des données sur le climat et l’atmosphère polaire.Au total, ce sont dix-neuf ballons de six mètres de rayon qui ont été lâchés dans l’atmosphère. Ces derniers sont capables d’emporter une charge utile de 50 kilos et devraient rester plusieurs mois en altitude. Les responsables du Centre national d’études spatiales (Cnes) et Météo France ont expliqué que les ballons avaient été lancées début septembre et que leur mission est de collecter des données au cœur même de l’atmosphère.Ces données viendront compléter les images et informations satellites déjà collectées, tout ceci afin de permettre des prévisions météorologiques plus poussées. L’évolution du climat devrait également être observée à l’aide de multiples capteurs. Chaque ballon est équipé de sondes, et plus de 300 d’entre elles auraient d’ores et déjà été larguées explique l’AFP.Le 1 novembre 2010 à 17:07 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Atlas V le lanceur des futures navettes de la Nasa

first_imgAtlas V : le lanceur des futures navettes de la Nasa ?Alors que ce mardi matin, la navette Atlantis s’est pour la dernière fois désamarée de l’ISS, marquant la fin de l’histoire des navettes spatiales américaines (voir notre article), la Nasa vient de conclure un accord concernant le probable lanceur de ses futures capsules : la fusée Atlas V.Lundi, à la veille du dernier désamarrage de l’ISS de la navette Atlantis, la Nasa annonce avoir conclu un accord avec United Lauch Alliance (ULA), une société conjointe de Boeing et Lockheed Martin, rapporte le site TF1 News. Cet accord vise à déterminer s’il est possible d’adapter la fusée Atlas V au lancement de capsules habitées transportant des astronautes vers la Station spatiale internationale (ISS).À lire aussiSpaceX : un satellite d’Elon Musk manque d’entrer en collision avec un satellite de l’ESALa navette Atlantis est attendue sur Terre jeudi. Après ce retour, les Etats-Unis ne pourront plus assurer le transport d’astronautes et de matériel sur l’ISS et ce, pendant au moins quatre ans. Quatre ans durant lesquels la Nasa travaillera justement à la conception de nouvelles capsules. Pendant ce temps, ce sont les fusées russes Soyouz qui prendront alors le relais. Un successeur sérieusement envisagé Au final, les discussions entre l’Agence spatiale américaine et ULA devraient durer neuf mois. Et d’après George Sowers, le directeur général du développement d’ULA, la version de la fusée Atlas adaptée au lancement de navettes habitées pourrait être achevée dans les trois à quatre années à venir. Plusieurs sociétés sont en concurrence pour concevoir avec la Nasa le successeur des navettes Atlantis, Discovery et Endeavour, et certaines d’entre elles ont déjà choisi Atlas V pour assurer le lancement du vaisseau sur lequel elles travaillent, rapporte Romandie. C’est notamment le cas de Sierra Nevada Corp. et de Blue Origin, tandis que Boeing étudie à son tour cette possibilité. Depuis sa mise en service en 2002, la fusée Atlas V a réalisé avec succès 26 lancements de satellites, dont une grande majorité pour le département de la Défense des États-Unis. Elle n’a accusé aucun échec et se positionne aujourd’hui comme le meilleur lanceur qui pourrait accompagner les futures navettes de la Nasa.Le 19 juillet 2011 à 17:13 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Deux nouveaux smartphones Samsung en approche

first_imgDeux nouveaux smartphones Samsung en approcheSamsung a dévoilé deux nouveaux téléphones fonctionnant sous Android: les Samsung captivate Glide et DoubleTime.Samsung a dévoilé deux nouveaux téléphones fonctionnant sous Android, et très différents quant à leurs prises en main. Le Captivate Glide (notre photo) possède un processeur Tegra 2 cadencé à 1GHz, 8 Go de stockage interne, un appareil photo 8 mégapixels et un écran de 4 pouces tactile Super AMOLED. À lire aussiNomophobie : traitement, symptômes, qu’est-ce que c’est ?il offre une résolution 800 x 480 étonnate de par la qualité du contraste proposé, selon Engadget. Il est léger et doublé d’un clavier physique aux touches espacées.Le Samsung DoubleTime, lui, se présente comme un téléphone à clapet résistant qui propose un écran de 3,2 pouces HVGA.  Le processeurs qui l’équipe est nettement plus modeste. Il est cadencé à 600 Mhz (simple coeur). L’appareil tourne sous Android 2.2. Un appareil tout à fait modeste qui sera peut-être accessible à moindre frais. Pour l’instant, les tarifs n’ont pas été révélés par le fabricant.Le 15 novembre 2011 à 14:04 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more