LFA to Celebrate Triumph at Antoinette Tubman Stadium Today

first_imgCellcom GSM sponsored national soccer team (Lone Star) was expected to arrive home at 4am today, after a successful second leg match against Guinea Bissau in the preliminary qualifying rounds of the 2018 World Cup.Lone Star’s arrival early this morning was confirmed by Mr. Henry Flomo, communications director at the Liberia Football Association.Acting President Musa Shannon told sports journalists at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium yesterday that the Liberia Football Association will take the team to the Liberian people with a parade through the principal streets of Monrovia and to climax the occasion at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium with a fundraiser.“This is to show our appreciation for the players and to let the Liberian people know what is going on after the team’s successful defense against Guinea Bissau,” he said.Shannon said the national team; Lone Star’s 3-1 victory away was the first in 14 years.“We are glad and want to congratulate Coach James Salinsa Debbah and the players for a wonderful defense of the nation in Guinea Bissau,” Shannon said.He added, “There will also be a floater and a rally to generate funds to support the national team in the campaign.”Shannon said while in the past there was a Lone Star Mobilization Committee, “This one is different because we want Liberians to come out at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium to see their heroes.”Though the last Lone Star fund drive, which was headed by former Liberia Football Association president Rep. Edwin Snowe’s report that generated over U$1M and is yet to be made public on how the money was used, Shannon assured that for the sake of accountability, “any amount from the raffle will be announced immediately to the Liberian people.”He said the parade is necessary because for the last several matches, against Togo, Tunisia and Guinea Bissau, the national team went through different stages of development.Shannon commended the Liberian government for its financial support to the national team, and thanked the Ministry of Youth & Sports for its support as well.Lone Star’s next target will be against The Elephants of the Ivory Coast in November, Shannon said, “and we must work together to ensure that success is certain.”He appealed to Liberians to join the team in the parade and then at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium. “We are not targeting a specific sum of money in this campaign. We want Liberians to come in their numbers to make their donations,” he said.Shannon noted that the official sponsor of the national team, Cellcom GSM’s officials will be in attendance at the program today.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

These ungrateful acts add to our already sick, sad image on the world stage

first_imgDear Editor,A few weeks ago, a city magistrate fined and deported a Cuban national who had overstayed his time in Guyana. This ruling came after the foreign national was incarcerated in a common jail, tried, then fined and sent away. Other nationalities right next door to us here in the Caribbean have met similar fates, but I have singled out the Cubans for a special mention.My reason for choosing the Cubans, is that Cuba is supposed to be a friend of Guyana. That friendship goes way back, starting with The PPP-led Dr Jagan, when Cheddi got stern condemnations from Burnham, followed by The British and Americans, for his association with that country.The condemnation coming from Burnham’s PNC, was a political ploy to get power, because as soon as the opportunistic Burnham got into office, he saw the very same maligned Cuba as his most valuable friend and neighbour. He sent our sons and daughters to Cuba for training in all fields of endeavor, as is still being done to date. Cuba has been a bedrock for most overseas-trained Guyanese professionals.Right now, Our President is a guest at Cuba’s medical facility; The Centro de Investigaciones Medico Quirugicas in Havana, the best Cuba has to offer. It Seems like when all else has failed, the Guyanese Leader has gone to the Cubans. Using a Guyanese term, our president is at the present moment being “patched up” by the Cubans.Now, picture the foregoing good graces given to us by the Cubans, and compare that to the treatment we are giving the Cubans in return. Is this the “best” treatment we can give to an overstaying Cuban? Is this the best treatment we can give to a “friend”? I would respond to that by saying it is disgraceful and despicable to say the least!So, my question, is why humiliate the Cubans? Why belittle the Cubans like that? Why! Is it because we are now on the brink of a legal renaissance and on the strict interpretation of the law as it relates to aliens and foreigners, or is it because of the soon to come oil dollar? Which is it? I think it is the latter, the “bamboozle” of oil wealth has suddenly caused an air of arrogance in this administration, which gives them the license to treat others disdainfully.Evident in that court ruling, is arrogance never before seen in this country. There is a newly found “false arrogance” sweeping the nation since this government took office and it is appalling, and shameful. Oil hasn’t begun to flow yet, and this is the way Guyana’s legal system is going to treat a friend and ally? I shudder to think of their response when the real oil dollars actually flows in. Our image right here in the Caribbean, – and the wider world, paints a sorry picture.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more

Perth Airport best of the big four in Australia says ACCC

first_imgPerth Airport has been rated by airlines as the best airport in Australia and the only one to achieve a “good” rating in the latest Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) airport monitoring report.The airport also took out the honors for the best overall quality of service for passengers and airlines for the second year running.READ: Airlines for Australia & New Zealand disagreesThe ACCC report found that aeronautical profits continued to grow at most of the monitored airports in 2017–18.The four airports combined made $820.1 million in operating profit (EBITA) from aeronautical activities in the year, up 6.2 percent, although Sydney Airport made up almost half of this amount.READ Boeing about to roll out first 777XThe ACCC said that Brisbane and Perth airports reported the strongest growth in aeronautical profits with the Queensland airport’s profit growing by 24.8 percent.In contrast, the ACCC said that the aeronautical profit at Perth Airport “grew primarily as a result of falling expenses.”The ACCC report said that for the first time over the last decade, all four monitored airports were rated as ‘good’ for their overall quality of service.“Perth Airport received the highest overall quality of service rating,” the ACCC report said.It added that “from an airline perspective, Perth Airport has significantly improved its performance over the past three years and was the only airport to receive a ‘good’ rating in 2017–18.”Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown said the report is another big tick for the airport’s focus on serving its airlines partners, passengers, and the community.“We’ve recently secured new deals with 23 out of the 24 airlines which operate at Perth Airport,” Mr. Brown said.“We see that as clear evidence that our airline partners see our pricing as fair and reasonable.The report is another win for Perth Airport in its battle over pricing with Qantas after the Productivity Commission earlier this month found the airport’s pricing fair.Mr Brown added, “their [the airlines] responses to the ACCC also confirm that they believe our service levels continue to improve as we work with them for a better airport.”“So, they believe they are getting great service at a fair price.“Our airline partners and passengers have recognized that the investment decisions we’ve taken to provide the capacity and service quality enhancements are directly benefitting them, and we’re doing it efficiently as acknowledged in the recent draft Productivity Commission report.Mr. Brown said that “we are now in discussions with our airline partners on the next wave of development required to service their needs and help them grow into the future.“We want to deliver a seamless airport experience that Perth and WA deserve well into the future with an upgrade of the international terminal, a new domestic terminal to allow Qantas to move to the central airport precinct, and a new parallel runway to lock in the airport’s future capacity,”The ACCC report also found that Perth Airport again has the lowest average drive-up rates for short term parking of any major airport and the lowest profit margin on car parking.However, the airline association Airlines for Australia & New Zealand (A4ANZ) took a very different view. In a statement, it pounced on Mr. Sims comment that the growth in aeronautical profits at Australia’s four biggest airports “continues apace”.A4ANZ) Chairman, Professor Graeme Samuel AC, said that its [ACCC] findings hardly came as a surprise, and certainly would not be to travelers, who wear the costs of the airports’ monopoly behaviors, which were documented to include:• Car parking charges where up to 70 cents in every dollar represent profit to the airport; • Growth in charges for landside access services, such as taxis, ride-share operators and buses; and• Some of the airports more than doubling their profits over the past decade, in real terms.“The Productivity Commission’s recently published draft report examining the economic regulation of airports essentially ignored all this and endorsed the current approach of having the ACCC simply monitor the airports’ activities.“Yet the ACCC themselves disagree, and have expressed this view many times over a long period of time,” Prof Samuel said.A4ANZ CEO, Dr Alison Roberts said, “With the release of this ACCC report we again hear from Chairman Rod Sims that price monitoring is not enough to constrain the behavior of companies with significant market power, such as airports.”“Along with A4ANZ and regulatory experts, the ACCC has strongly advocated for independent arbitration in cases where airports and airlines cannot agree on the pricing of aeronautical services. As Mr Sims said, it is a pragmatic solution for resolving disputes and creates an effective threat for any party frustrating commercial negotiations.”last_img read more

CONTROLTEK: Showcasing New LP Solutions — Booth 411

first_imgCONTROLTEK, an emerging leader in retail product protection, will showcase several new loss prevention solutions at the RILA Asset Protection Conference in Orlando, from April 29 – May 2, 2018.The company will present two new detection systems for preventing shoplifting: one for magnets and one for booster bags, that were officially launched this month.Additionally, CONTROLTEK will present its new lineup of EAS and RFID tags, including the very popular FlatGuard, reportedly the world’s first and only tag for small leather goods.- Sponsor – Finally, the company will unveil a brand-new LP solution that has been kept secret so far.CONTROLTEK will be exhibiting at Booth 411 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando.About CONTROLTEKSince 1976 CONTROLTEK has been a global leader in tamper-evident security packaging, helping banks, armored couriers and retailers transport cash safely and securely. The company’s expanding line of inventory protection and visibility solutions also helps retailers protect their merchandise better and run their operations more efficiently. As a second-generation, family-owned business, with a history of stable growth and a reputation for strong customer focus, CONTROLTEK continues to deliver on its mission every single day: to enable commerce through innovationFor more information, visit controltekusa.com. Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Hulu to Go Public by Fall 2010

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting mike melanson Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market The New York Times is reporting this morning that Hulu, the streaming television show and movie website, is readying to go public “through an offering that could value the company at more than $2 billion”.The offering would follow other recent high-profile offerings in the past two weeks, first from Demand Media and then Skype.In its report, the New York Times cites unidentified sources who have been “briefed on the matter”, saying that Hulu executives have begun discussing with investment banks an initial public offering that could come as soon as this fall. The company recently released some numbers showing that it expected to double the $100 million it made in 2009. Still, PaidContent points to comScore stats that show Hulu as sitting in the tenth spot in the “top entertainment” category, with 24 million uniques, as compared to YouTube’s 144 million uniques. While both the New York Times and Paid Content question both the IPO market and how Hulu would fare in it, others, such as Daring Fireball’s John Gruber come right out and say that a Hulu IPO might not work out. Gruber calls the whole thing “a little (a lot) premature” and notes that “they’ve got no revenue, and their content comes from companies that may well chose to create their own online publishing services.”Indeed, Hulu has already lost content from Comedy Central and has not been able to ink deals with both CBS and CW. Tags:#news#web last_img read more

Facebook News Ticker and Profile Upgrade Bring More Signal and Less Noise

first_imgFacebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… When those people post updates – and they are selected as someone you want to hear from more frequently – you will immediately be alerted to join the conversation. Less relevant people will not signal as often or immediately. It’s kind of like being able to predict frequency and then assign a value to the number of times your annoying Aunt Betty calls you to tell you again about the neighbor’s cats. In this way, you are judging just how close you want to be to Aunt Betty – and her cats – regardless of how close Aunt Betty wants to be to you. It’s a subtle move by the engineers at Facebook. Facebook is also changing its news feed, moving away from the rather clumsy “Most Recent” and “Top News” tags. Tags:#Digital Lifestyle#Facebook#Identity#Messaging Services#New Media#NYT#web The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos douglas crets Related Posts center_img Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Facebook made significant changes to how it delivers your friends’ news and updates today by releasing a ticker feature and a news feed format that arranges missed updates in a newspaper-style format. The move is an improvement in relevancy of information feeds in social profiles and it demonstrates an intelligent system for delivering information and encouraging interaction on the world’s largest social network.Facebook released two formats for receiving updates while on the social network. This was at a time when the release of other key features was beginning to create information overload. One format is an updates ticker that allows for joining real-time conversations based on customized selection options. The other is a news aggregator, which functions as a newspaper, to keep users informed of the most important events and posts they have missed while they have been away.The ticker is the most simple and straightforward feature. It makes it very easy for you to select whom you want to receive news from, and how often you want to hear from them. Facebook has made it so that if you are one of those people who spends a few weeks away from Facebook at a time, the next time you log on, you will see all the most important things you missed while you were away, arranged like it was a magazine or newspaper, with big pictures and easy to navigate buttons.The rollouts today bring some solutions that calm the information storm fired up after the company rolled out Subscriptions recently.Once it became possible to follow anyone (if they enabled the feature), the noise to signal ratio went haywire. Suddenly, it was Aunt Betty updates to the nth power. With this new feature, I can pretty much customize my feed so that everything makes sense, and I am not overwhelmed by noise. Finally, it appears that a social network with over 750 million users has finally figured out how to act socially. Image via Facebook. A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

FA charges Chelsea’s Diego Costa over stamp in Liverpool match

first_imgChelsea striker Diego Costa is facing a three-match ban after being charged on Wednesday by the English Football Association with violent conduct for stamping on an opponent during the League Cup semifinal win over Liverpool.The Spain international stamped on Emre Can’s right ankle early in the game, but it was missed by the officials at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday. The FA reviewed video footage before charging Costa, who has until 1800 GMT on Thursday to respond to the governing body.If Costa is found guilty, he could receive the same three-match ban as Stoke midfielder Charlie Adam received last season for a stamp. That would rule him out for Saturday’s match for the Premier League leaders against second-place Manchester City and subsequent games against Everton and Aston Villa.The FA said Costa will not face action over his apparent stamp in the second half on Martin Skrtel. Chelsea beat Liverpool 1-0 to advance to the League Cup final 2-1 on aggregate.But Wednesday started badly for Chelsea, with manager Jose Mourinho fined for claiming referees are influenced by a “campaign” against the club. Mourinho made the comments after a 1-1 draw at Southampton last month when Cesc Fabregas was booked for eifint rather than being awarded a penalty.An FA commission said Mourinho’s comments were “improper and brought the game into disrepute” but decided they did not imply biased refereeing. Mourinho was also warned about his future conduct.last_img read more

Alabama Insider Discusses Possibility Of Jalen Hurts Changing Positions

first_imgJalen Hurts of the Alabama Crimson Tide looks on during the second half of the game against the Mercer Bears at Bryant-Denny Stadium.TUSCALOOSA, AL – NOVEMBER 18: Jalen Hurts #2 of the Alabama Crimson Tide looks on during the second half of the game against the Mercer Bears at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 18, 2017 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)If he doesn’t win the Alabama quarterback battle, could we see Jalen Hurts at a different position? Maybe, but one Alabama insider doesn’t think it is the best move.Hurts is going up against Tua Tagovailoa for the starting quarterback position. Hurts won the job a game into the 2016 season, and has led the Crimson Tide to back-to-back national championship game appearances.Of course, it was Tagovailoa who sealed the 2017 title victory against Georgia. The Bulldogs defense effectively bottled up Hurts, and Tagovailoa was able to take the top off of it and lead Alabama to a comeback win when he came in at halftime.Tagovailoa is widely expected to win the job, whenever that decision is made. It is likely that the battle will last into the season.At SEC Media Days, Nick Saban admitted that he didn’t know for sure if Jalen Hurts would even be in Tuscaloosa to start the season. Hurts has reportedly informed his coach that he will definitely be on the roster when Alabama travels to Orlando to open up against Louisville.BamaOnline’s Travis Reier weighed in on the possibility of Alabama finding another role for Jalen Hurts in the offense, if he doesn’t start at quarterback.While another roster may be able to do so, Reier thinks that Alabama has too much talent across the board for it to really make sense. From 247Sports:“(A position switch) would feel manufactured or forced than anything,” Reier said. “Looking at what (Alabama) has and who they have. They utilize guys in a way in which they can get matchups based on formations with any of the guys. I mean, Jalen would be going up against Henry Ruggs in the slot. That’s tough. I think Nick believes there are some situational packages Alabama could use Jalen in instead of another position, but again, that goes back to how he’s going to sell that to Jalen.“I think at a lot of programs, that would be an easy sort of move for him. The problem Jalen has at Alabama is that they’ve got big-time guys already in those spots. They’re not void of options. Even from a depth standpoint, they’ve still got dudes. That’s the dilemma with Jalen (playing a position) other than quarterback. It’s not as easy as some people think. Forget about the personnel, there’s some nuances that have to be taken into account.”There is also a question about whether Hurts would be open to a position change. If it was a situational thing, I’m sure he’d like to help the team however he can. Still, if he views his future at quarterback, and plans to play QB somewhere else after his December graduation, which is being hinted at by just about everyone at this point, pulling his attention away from developing at that spot may not be the most wise thing.[247Sports]last_img read more

Minister Grange Unveils Maquette of the Bolt Statue

first_img The unveiling of the Maquette took place today (June 16) at a Press Briefing called by the Minister at the Spanish Court Hotel. Story Highlights The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, today unveiled a maquette of the statue which will be mounted at Statue Park at the National Stadium in honour of Usain Bolt, considered by many across the world to be the greatest sprinter in the history of track and field. Minister reminded that in February of this year the renowned Jamaican sculptor Mr Basil Watson was ommissioned to design and create statues of four of Jamaica’s outstanding sports stars, Usain Bolt, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, Veronica Campbell Brown and Asafa Powell. Kingston, June 16, 2017 – The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, today unveiled a maquette of the statue which will be mounted at Statue Park at the National Stadium in honour of Usain Bolt, considered by many across the world to be the greatest sprinter in the history of track and field.The unveiling of the Maquette took place today (June 16) at a Press Briefing called by the Minister at the Spanish Court Hotel. She was joined in the act of unveiling by Dr. Warren Blake President of the JAAA; Mr. Ian Forbes, a director of the Sports Development Foundation (SDF); Mr. Dennis Gordon of the Racers Track Club and Christopher Scott, 2017 Champion Boy of the INSPORTS Primary Schools Athletics Championships and a student of Old Harbour Primary School.Minister reminded that in February of this year the renowned Jamaican sculptor Mr Basil Watson was ommissioned to design and create statues of four of Jamaica’s outstanding sports stars, Usain Bolt, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, Veronica Campbell Brown and Asafa Powell.“The commissioning of the statues is part of the process of memorialising and celebrating the historical, social, symbolic and aesthetic value of Jamaica’s athletic achievement. Importantly, as well, this is about adding economic value to Jamaica’s sport tourism offering.”She said they would be delivered over two years, the first being the statue of Usain Bolt, which will be ready in August. “We chose that time for installation to coincide with Usain’s retirement and our nation’s 55th anniversary of Independence,” the Minister explained to the Press Briefing.Miss Grange said the exact time of the unveiling would be determined by Bolt’s schedule and the availability of other athletes to attend the Ceremony at Statue Road at the National Stadium. She said it could be in October.Minister Grange pointed out that along the way in the production process, the athletes had been consulted by the sculptor about the design of their statues.She said that at each stage, the sculptor had provided a maquette to show a visual representation of the sculpture.She assured the nation that the image of a statue that is circulating on social media and causing concern, is not the work of Basil Watson. Minister Grange said that there was no way that Mr Watson, who she described as super star himself, would have produced the image that was posted on social media.“There is no way that Basil Watson, who sculpted the statue of Herb McKenley in Independence Park, would have produced that image. That is simply fake news”, the Minister said.Minister Grange said there would be some adjustments by the sculptor before arriving at the final product but she gave the assurance that, “It would look like Usain Bolt in the end.”“We know that our athletes — particularly Usain Bolt — will be spoken of and studied by athletes, fans and lovers of sport for generations to come. As with Bob Marley, we anticipate that the people of the world will come to Jamaica to see sights associated with Bolt and our other sports stars and to learn about their history,” Minister Grange concluded.last_img read more

Mans death in New Brunswick prison preventable correctional investigator

first_imgDORCHESTER, N.B. – The death of a man who was repeatedly pepper sprayed at a New Brunswick prison was preventable, Canada’s correctional investigator has found in a damning review that concludes unnecessary force was used.Matthew Ryan Hines, who was serving a five-year sentence at Dorchester Penitentiary for offences including robbery, died on May 26, 2015.In a report released Tuesday, Ivan Zinger said the repeated use of pepper spray at very close range appears to have contributed to Hines’s rapid onset of medical complications.Zinger found correctional staff used unnecessary physical and chemical force, even as Hines was “clearly and fully” under control by the guards, and failed to properly respond to the ensuing medical emergency.“In this case, everything that could go wrong in a use-of-force intervention went wrong,” said Zinger.He said those factors ultimately led to the 33-year-old’s death by acute asphyxia due to pulmonary edema — a condition caused by excess fluid in the lungs.A statement from the Hines family said they were grateful for the thorough investigation. They said Hines struggled with mental illness since he was an adolescent, and they said it is important that Canadians “understand the truth of what happened to him.”“The commitment that (the correctional investigator’s office) has shown in the investigation of Matthew’s death has given us hope that no one else will suffer as Matthew did,” the statement said.The statement also noted that his family was initially told that he died of a seizure.Zinger’s report said Correctional Service Canada provided misleading and incomplete information to the public and the family about the circumstances surrounding Hines’s death.The report also raises questions about the adequacy of the service investigating and disciplining itself.“Although the internal investigation identified 21 legal and policy violations in the staff response, subsequent staff disciplinary proceedings were inherently flawed and self-serving,” said Zinger,“Corrective measures taken after the fact failed to reflect the nature and gravity of staff errors and omissions that contributed to this tragic, and, by my estimation, avertable death.”Correctional Services Canada has said one person was fired and three others were disciplined.Zinger’s report makes 10 recommendations, all of which have been accepted by Correctional Service Canada.Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said he supports the recommendations. He said the Hines family and the wider public deserved to know how and why he died.“We can do more to prevent deaths in custody,” Goodale said in a statement.“Moving forward, I am confident that implementing the recommendations, along with the changes (Correctional Services Canada) has already undertaken, will mean greater accountability, transparency, and most importantly, safety for all Canadians.”The recommendations include several aimed at addressing systemic gaps in how Correctional Service Canada staff respond to medical emergencies.It also directs the service to immediately develop a separate intervention plan for front-line staff in recognizing and responding to medical and mental-health emergencies.Last September, the investigation into Hines’s death was reopened by the RCMP.last_img read more