Not a dumping ground

first_imgBy Jessica Anstice Business owners are sick of “disgusting” piles of rubbish being dumped behind their shops in Pakenham’s Main Street. Cardboard boxes,…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img


first_img…while Berbice burnsBack in the day, when Rome was on top of the world, the story’s told of Emperor Nero “fiddling while Rome burnt”. The incident has come to epitomise those with responsibility twiddling their thumbs or engaged with frivolities in the midst of a crisis. That’s the thought that came to your Eyewitness when he read of PM Nagamootoo celebrating his birthday while hundreds of sugar workers were summarily fired in Canje, Berbice.And to rub salt into the wound, Nagamootoo didn’t have the festivities at his refurbished and newly air-conditioned residence on Main Street in Georgetown, but travelled TO BERBICE to do so!! And imagine it was these sugar workers’ votes that gave him the bargaining chip to become Prime Minister!! The famous 11% that he and Ramjattan promised from their “fellow Berbicians”! He specifically promised them sugar wouldn’t be closed…even though his PNC running mate, David Granger, had said it would.For Nagamootoo to now say he meant not ALL sugar would be closed is speaking from both sides of his mouth. Fact of the matter is: Granger only changed his line to mamaguy Nagamootoo’s Berbice supporters, and closure was always on the cards.One friend told your Eyewitness cynically, “David (Granger) slayed the Giant (GuySuCo) and Moses (Nagamootoo) led his (Berbice) tribe into the promised land of Unemployment!!Does Nagamootoo really believe the PNC will keep the remaining three estates going, as they’re now promising? Didn’t they also promise Rose Hall’s closing will be delayed to 2018? Now we have the Minister of Agriculture saying it’s not his decision; it’s the Minister of Finance’s, and NICIL and the Special Service Unit’s!!So, we have people with no knowledge of sugar, and who look at it only as a set of numbers on a balance sheet, deciding the fate of thousands of sugar workers – with their representative Nagamootoo sporting his birthday away!The line is: GuySuCo’s now just three estates – Uitvlugt, Blairmont and Albion. Problem solved with the stroke of a pen!! You can’t solve the equation? Why worry?? Just change the numbers any which way you want and — voila!! — problem solved!!Exactly what are they going to do differently on these estates to reduce costs? We know the Government will try to wring blood from a stone…but does the stone have any blood to release?It’s like during the days of indentureship: when the planters arbitrarily cut wages, and when workers protested, they were shot like dogs! It fact, it was Nagamootoo himself who reminded Berbicians that it was right at Rose Hall where thirteen of them were murdered back in 1913.Is history going to be repeated? With Nagamootoo fiddling?…and the narcissist NagamootooAt his birthday bash in Berbice — more specifically, at his old primary school — Nagamootoo handed out trinkets and baubles like Columbus did to the “Natives” he’d “discovered”. Nagamootoo of course arrived in his specially outfitted $22million SUV, along with the requisite outriders, not Caravels! The children were also given flags to wave in awe at this godlike being!!And he told them, “Each and every one of you can become the Prime Minister of your country. Each one of you can become the President of the country; each of you can become the most important person.” And from this comment we can get a measure of the man, Nagamootoo: the children shouldn’t seek public office to serve the people, but to “become the most IMPORTANT person”!!This is emblematic of the narcissistic personality characterised by “extreme selfishness; a grandiose view of one’s own talents, and a craving for admiration”!Sugar workers are fired and can’t get bread? Let them eat cake!!…and VAT on educationIt was the Government that insisted education was fundamental to Guyana’s growth and development. Yet they imposed VAT on schools that showed quality education was deliverable!!So must we pat them on their heads for treating the wound after shooting themselves in the foot?last_img read more

Teacher denies sex charges

first_imgPOMONA – A teacher at a school in Arcadia pleaded not guilty Tuesday to five charges of lewd conduct with a minor. Marco Antonio Irigoyen, 43, of West Covina was arrested by the West Covina Police Department on May 22 after an anonymous phone tip received the week before. The prosecution in the case is working with the defense to try and get a plea bargain with Irigoyen, according to Deputy District Attorney Pamela Tamu Usher. Usher also said that the maximum penalty in the case if Irigoyen were to be convicted by a jury would be life in prison. The four victims are not students at Rio Hondo Elementary School in Arcadia, which is is part of the El Monte City School District. But some of the victims are children and one of the cases happened almost a decade ago, according to West Covina police Lt. Pete Mena. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The detectives in the case do not want to release any more information, including whether the children in the case are related to Irigoyen, according to Mena. Superintendent Jeff Seymour said Irigoyen has taught fourth grade at the school for “several years” and is on administrative leave. Seymour said no other disciplinary action is being discussed. “In terms of anything beyond what we have done he is an innocent person until proven guilty,” Seymour said. (626) 962-8811, Ext. 2105 last_img read more

Net ventures vie for summit

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORESurfer attacked by shark near Channel Islands calls rescue a ‘Christmas miracle’Each demonstration was limited to five minutes, a constraint that required some presenters to wrap things up before they had a chance to show off all their whiz-bang technology. “It’s a little nerve-racking, but it’s very exciting,” said Nicole Morris, who highlighted, a London-based startup that provides tools to construct three-dimensional settings around Web pages. The audience could have been even bigger. More than 5,000 people wanted to attend this year’s three-day event, but the organizers – O’Reilly Media and CMP Technology – capped the attendance at 1,000. Seeking to make the most of her opportunity, Morris ended her five-minute pitch by reaching out to venture capitalists – a group of financiers that is becoming more aggressive about pursuing investment opportunities. Through the first nine months of this year, venture capitalists had invested $455 million in Web startups, more than doubling the amount from the same time last year, according to research firm Dow Jones VentureOne. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! SAN FRANCISCO – Although conditions haven’t returned to the feverish levels of the dot-com boom, the Internet’s business atmosphere is clearly heating up. The latest symptoms of the escalating exuberance bubbled up this week at an elite gathering called the Web 2.0 Summit – a 3-year-old event billed as a mere conference until the organizers renamed it this year to underscore its exclusive status. The San Francisco shindig attracted so many movers and shakers that more than 250 Internet entrepreneurs jostled for a chance to show off their Web sites at a 90-minute session devoted to startups. The demand for onstage presentations more than quadrupled from last year. An advisory board winnowed this year’s field of applicants to 13 lucky startups that paid $10,000 apiece to take center stage before a packed room of venture capitalists, reporters, bloggers and Internet cognoscenti. last_img read more

New boss Steve Clarke says Kilmarnock are top six side

first_imgNew manager Steve Clarke says Kilmarnock are a top six side and that is where he intends to take them.The 54-year-old former West Brom manager was in the stands to see his new side get a much-needed 2-0 win over Partick Thistle on Saturday. He has brought in 51-year-old English coach Alex Dyer, who served as number two to Chris Powell at Charlton and Huddersfield, as his assistant manager.Clarke will face Rangers at Ibrox on October 25 in his first game before travelling to the other side of Glasgow to play champions Celtic at Celtic Park. The former Scotland international, who grew up in Saltcoats, regularly went to watch the club as a boy and considers them to be among the country’s elite.He now he is hopeful he can get them competing in the top half of the league again.Clarke said: “It is a big club, I remember from years back coming here as a young boy to watch my older brother Paul play for the team.“It is a team that is always competitive in the Scottish top flight, maybe that has drifted in recent years but I would definitely put Kilmarnock in the top six when it comes to clubs in Scotland and that is where we will aim to be.” Clarke, who took West Brom to their highest ever Premier League finish, knows the building process will take time.He is looking to bring some stability to Rugby Park side, who are second bottom of the Premiership table.Clarke said: “We know it will be a long road to get there. I have signed a contract for two and a half years and I expect to be here for two and a half years.“You never know in football, I am not naive, not silly and circumstances can change, I have been the victim myself and I know what is like to lose your job.“But there has been honesty from the club and they have highlighted that fact that they felt there has been to many changes – not all sackings to be fair to them as some managers left of their own accord.“So those changes don’t help if you are looking for stability and I am here to try and provide that stability going forward.”Clarke is hoping to bring more fans in to Rugby Park after recent poor attendances.He said: “I think attendances have dropped in a number of places and I think Kilmarnock has been particularly badly hit economically.“I think the only way to get fans back watching your football club is by getting an attractive winning team on the pitch.“That is not going to happen overnight and will take a lot of time but nearly 1000 of our fans travelled to Fir Park on Saturday and thankfully the team backed it up with a good performance and three points.“It is only a small step but if we can build on that it is a small step in the right direction for the club.”last_img read more

Openads 2.3 Beta Launched, But Google Threat Lurks

first_imgTags:#advertising#Google#news#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting I’ve mentioned Openads, a free opensource ad server, twice in the last few months here on Read/WriteWeb. I continue to bevery interested in their business model; but also I hope they disrupt not just the adfulfillment and tracking business, but also expand to focus on creating an open alternative to the current online ad networks. While this week’s announcementsdidn’t note any change in strategy, towards attacking Google’s cash cow (AdSense), theydid make a few announcements that show that the organization continues to make greatprogress on the heels of their $5 millionventure raise.New Leadership First of all, James Bilefield has been announced asthe new Opensds CEO. Before joining OpenAds he was a senior executive at Skype andYahoo!. Most recently, he was the General Manager of Skype in Europe. James had aninteresting take on the similarities between Skype and Openads, calling Skype “anotherbusiness which used free software and the power of community to deliver real benefits toend users.”Public Beta ReleaseThe Openads team also announced the beta release of their newest version 2.3. Two of thefeatures I was particularly interested in were: a) the improved performance and, b) morethorough reports.Improved PerformanceAccording to Openads, their benchmarks have actually shown a 10x improvement in thespeed of ads loading. Beyond that, they now support scaling the service across multipleservers. This allows them to explain on their site that “Openads 2.3 is now capable ofserving billions of ads each month.”More Thorough ReportsOpenads has increased the number of available reports and simplified the creationprocess. Here are a few examples of the report generation options: Beyond the more thorough reports, Openads also allows publishers to automaticallygenerate these reports on a pre-defined schedule. Based on my experience working withpublishers, I would imagine this being a requirement for many of the ad operationsgroups. There are too many media buyers and marketing departments that want to beconstantly monitoring their campaign’s performance.ConclusionWhile the future looks bright for Openads, and I think they could really disrupt theonline advertising business, one note of caution is that Google has a habit of acquiringcompanies and then giving away their paid services for free. The most recent example ofthis is Google givingaway Feedburner’s premium services after acquiringthem. Obviously the DoubleClick revenue that Google would concede would be much larger,but I’m sure this is one of the things that Openads is concerned about. One thing is forsure, the online advertising space is getting more interesting!Note: The picture of James is from his profile on the Skypepage. sean ammirati Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Facebook Timeline & The New Lifestreaming Era

first_imgFacebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos One of the strongest inspirations for Timeline came from within Facebook itself, in the form of a startup it acquired in August 2009: FriendFeed. Co-founded by Bret Taylor, who is now Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer, FriendFeed was a social media aggregator that was much beloved by Web geeks. FriendFeed was always far too geeky for mainstream users, however to his great credit Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spotted its potential. At the time Zuckerberg called FriendFeed “a simple and elegant service for people to share information.” (emphasis ours) Well, two years later and it just so happens that sharing information is a key reason why Facebook is introducing Timeline. Yes, Facebook’s Timeline is ostensibly focused on an individual’s personal history – kind of like an online diary. But that’s really just a front for the real purpose of Timeline: to expose your entire content history to your friends and public subscribers.It’s not just the sharing that’s key, it’s making that content more social. ReadWriteWeb did one of the earliest interviews with FriendFeed’s founders, Bret Taylor and Paul Buchheit, in February 2008. Something that Buchheit (who in the past had created Gmail for Google) said back then is more relevant than ever today, with Facebook’s Timeline. Buchheit said that FriendFeed was “trying to go beyond simply aggregating to actually creating a pleasant social experience around the content.” (emphasis ours) So that’s key point number 2 about Timeline: Facebook expects to make that content more social. That goal is supported by other Facebook initiatives this year, such as the real-time updates ticker and automated sharing from apps like Spotify and Washington Post.Let’s move now to a startup that wasn’t acquired by Facebook, but which earlier this year launched a timeline service that is very close to what Facebook introduced later in the year. That startup’s name is Memolane and we gave it a favorable review in January.After Facebook announced its Timeline, Memolane CEO Eric Lagier tried to differentiate his service as a “Timeline of Your Life (more than just your Facebook posts).” Regardless of how Memolane is different from Facebook Timeline, he hit the nail on the head with his point that “time is the perfect tool to organize social media.” That’s key point number 3 about Facebook Timeline: it organizes a lot of your social media activity, at least that which occurs on Facebook or on its third party partners like Spotify. Tags:#Facebook#Lifestreaming#social networks#web 3 key points you need to know about Facebook Timeline, gleaned from two previous “lifestreaming” products: FriendFeed and Memolane.Facebook’s new Timeline, currently in a limited developer release but set to be unveiled to its hundreds of millions of users any day now, is going to shake up the social networking landscape. It’s going to bring lifestreaming – formally a geeky activity based around RSS feeds – to the mainstream. In my view, Timeline is the smartest and most significant thing Facebook has done since launching a developer platform in May 2007. I think it’s that important. So where did the inspiration for Timeline come from and why is it going to be such a big deal? We can see the future just by looking at two earlier lifestreaming products: FriendFeed and scrappy start Memolane.Steve Jobs once famously said, quoting Picasso, that “good artists copy, great artists steal.” Sure enough, as with most game-changing things on the Web, Timeline is not an original invention by Facebook. Although Timeline wasn’t directly stolen from anyone, it was clearly influenced by FriendFeed and Memolane. center_img richard macmanus Incidentally, you have to feel for Memolane. An 800-pound gorilla just sat squarely on its little niche of the Web. Memoland is rather ominously “down for maintenance” as I write this, although its Twitter account reassures us that it is “preparing for some exciting things coming your way” this Tuesday. Here’s hoping Memolane innovates itself into an exciting new direction with the timeline concept, because of course we love scrappy startups here at RWW.Lifestreaming is Going MainstreamThere were many other products that Facebook probably took inspiration from for Timeline. Nokia Lifeblog and Six Apart’s Vox are two that come to mind (to see how times have changed, read our mid-2006 analysis comparing Vox with Facebook). But the key points are clear from FriendFeed and Memolane:Timeline is all about sharing personal content.Timeline is also about making that personal content much more social than it is on your old Facebook profiles.That’s because a timeline is a highly effective way to organize social media content (making it easier to like, comment on and re-share).The over-riding lesson from Facebook Timeline is that lifestreaming is going mainstream. At the beginning of this year, digital design consultancy Fjord predicted this would happen: “in 2011 we will see increasing numbers of people uploading aspects of their life to the cloud. They’ll be able to combine this across multiple online services, generating meaning from data already online.” Of course Fjord wasn’t to know that Facebook would implement Timeline and effectively position itself as the center of a huge trend. Which is what Facebook Timeline has done and why Facebook – and lifestreaming – is going to be very big. Related Posts A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

Energy Efficiency In The Data Center Podcast

first_imgEnergy consumption and energy efficiency issues are becoming more prevalent in the datacenter. This short podcast hosted by the Register provides some insight on topics that IT manager should consider to improve energy efficient performance in the datacenter.last_img

Tunisia Closes Its Border with Libya after Bomb Blast

Rabat – The Tunisian government has announced the country will close its borders with Libya for 15 days after the bus bombing that killed 12 people and injuring 20 more.The announcement by the interior ministry comes a day after a bomb blast in a bus carrying presidential guard personnel in the nation’s capital Tunis which was later claimed by militant group ISIS.The National Security Council decided to close the frontier from midnight on November 25 with increased and ‘reinforced surveillance of maritime borders and in airports’, according to a statement. Also stepping up operations to block websites linked to terrorism, authorities ‘will take urgent measures’ against Tunisians returning from conflict zones, ‘in line with the anti-terrorist law,’ the statement added.After the blast Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi ordered a city-wide curfew for Tunis and a nationwide state of emergency, as the country faces the aftermath of its third major terrorist attack this year.In June, a state of emergency was imposed after an ISIS gunman killed 38 foreign tourists at a resort in Sousse.Two ISIS gunmen killed 21 tourists and a policeman at the National Bardo Museum in Tunis, in March.On Monday, a ISIS linked jihadist group claimed the beheading of a young Tunisian shepherd accusing him of having informed the army about their movements. read more