Longterm supported housing will continue to be fu

first_imgLong-term supported housing will continue to be funded through the social security system, the government has announced, while it has also scrapped plans to cap housing benefit payments, which caused huge concerns across the sector over the last two years.Former chancellor George Osborne announced two years ago in his autumn statement that no-one living in social housing would be entitled to housing benefit higher than those in private sector accommodation.Critics warned that this took no account of the cost of providing care and support services for tenants – there are currently about 650,000 supported homes across Britain – including many working-age disabled people.Social care and housing experts warned that the move would have “disastrous” consequences, and Osborne’s announcement appears to have had a serious impact on investment in new supported housing schemes.The National Housing Federation has said that 85 per cent of all building plans for new supported, sheltered or extra care housing over the last two years had been halted by the government’s plans.Prime minister Theresa May announced last week that the government would not after all be capping housing benefit payments for those in supported housing or the wider social housing sector.And the government has this week published two new consultation documents, as well as a policy statement that confirms that long-term supported housing will continue to be paid through the social security system.The government’s previous plan, announced last year, had been for any top-up funding above normal levels of housing benefit to be devolved to local authorities.Despite the government U-turn, shadow housing secretary John Healey warned last week that ministers were still lining up cuts to supported housing of more than half a billion pounds from April 2020, which would mean “a funding cliff edge for existing supported housing”.Ministers said this week that while long-term supported housing would continue to be funded through the social security system, short-term and emergency supported housing – including accommodation for those escaping domestic violence or with substance misuse problems – would be funded through a ring-fenced grant to local authorities in England, with the Scottish and Welsh governments given “an equivalent amount” of funding.The government has now launched two consultations*, one on how it will fund this short-term supported housing, and another on how it will fund sheltered and extra care accommodation.Much of the social care and housing sector welcomed the government’s announcement this week, but warned that it needed to ensure that both long-term and short-term supported accommodation was adequately funded.Sue Bott (pictured), deputy chief executive of Disability Rights UK, expressed caution.She said she believed the government “had little choice” but to make the announcement “given the chaos that had been created by the uncertainty” it had previously caused.She warned that the two consultations showed that the proposal to restrict the amount of housing benefit that could be paid for supported housing “has not gone away”.She said: “The consultation is about funding models, which indicates the government are not thinking about continuing with the present system. “Given the government’s track record on supporting disabled people, it’s right to be cautious.”The National Housing Federation (NHF) – which represents housing associations – said the announcement of a new approach to supported housing was “hugely welcome”.David Orr, NHF’s chief executive, said: “The government has looked in detail at the consequences and listened to the voices of both users and providers of supported housing.“It has come to the sensible decision that the local housing allowance cap should have no part in determining how supported housing is funded and actual rents of those in supported housing should continue to be met.”Local government minister Marcus Jones said this week’s announcement would provide the supported housing sector with “the certainty of funding they need to get building new homes”.Caroline Dinenage, the minister for family support, housing and child maintenance in the Department for Work and Pensions, said: “We value the important role supported housing plays and that’s why we have worked closely with providers and listened to their feedback to come up with solutions that will safeguard its future and improve support for those that need a home that is safe and secure.”*The two consultations will run until 23 January 2018last_img read more

We believe these negotiating objectives need to be

first_imgWe believe these negotiating objectives need to be enshrined in law before the UK leaves the EU to provide certainty for businesses and a clear framework for our future relationship.We recognise that any negotiation with the EU will require flexibility and compromise. Our first priority must be a deal that is best for jobs, living standards, our communities, in the context of increased and more equitable investment across all regions and nations of the UK. That approach should guide how alignment with EU regulations is to be maintained in future, as well discussions on dispute resolution, the role of the ECJ, and competition and migration rules.EU leaders have been clear that such changes to the Political Declaration and a closer relationship are possible if such a request is made by the UK government and if the current red lines change. We believe that a close economic relationship along these lines would make it far less likely that any backstop arrangements would ever be needed.The Government’s failure to secure a deal that can command the support of Parliament means time has run out for the necessary preparation and for legislation to be finalised. Following last week’s rejection by the House of Commons of ‘no deal’, all necessary steps must be taken to avoid such an outcome.My colleagues and I look forward to discussing these proposals with you further, in the constructive manner in which they are intended, with the aim of securing a sensible agreement that can win the support of parliament and bring the country together.Yours sincerely,Jeremy Corbyn MPLeader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn has issued five demands for Brexit in a letter to the Prime Minister following their meeting last week.The move confirms that Labour would be willing to back a Brexit deal if changes are made to the political declaration text, which outlines the future relationship between the UK and EU.This part of the divorce deal is non-binding, so Labour has stipulated that the changes must be enshrined in law.Labour’s five demands for Brexit:A permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union. This would include alignment with the union customs code, a common external tariff and an agreement on commercial policy that includes a UK say on future EU trade deals. We believe that a customs union is necessary to deliver the frictionless trade that our businesses, workers and consumers need, and is the only viable way to ensure there is no hard border on the island of Ireland.Close alignment with the single market. This should be underpinned by shared institutions and obligations, with clear arrangements for dispute resolution.Dynamic alignment on rights and protections so that UK standards keep pace with evolving standards across Europe as a minimum, allowing the UK to lead the way.Clear commitments on participation in EU agencies and funding programmes, including in areas such as the environment, education, and industrial regulation.Unambiguous agreements on the detail of future security arrangements, including access to the European Arrest Warrant and vital shared databases. Below is the full text of Jeremy Corbyn’s letter to the Prime Minister.Dear Prime Minister,Thank you for taking the time to meet last week to discuss the Brexit negotiation and our alternative approaches to finding a deal that can command support in Parliament and be negotiated with the EU.There is, as was demonstrated last week, a clear majority in Parliament that no deal must now be taken off the table and that there can be no return to a hard border in Northern Ireland in any circumstance.We recognise that your priority is now to seek legally binding changes to the backstop arrangements contained within the Withdrawal Agreement, as we discussed when we met.However, without changes to your negotiating red lines, we do not believe that simply seeking modifications to the existing backstop terms is a credible or sufficient response either to the scale of your defeat last month in Parliament, or the need for a deal with the EU that can bring the country together and protect jobs.As you have said many times before, the EU has been clear that any withdrawal agreement would need to include a backstop to guarantee no return to a hard border on the island of Ireland.Labour has long argued that the Government should change its negotiating red lines and seek significant changes to the Political Declaration to provide clarity on our future relationship and deliver a closer economic relationship with the EU. That would also ensure that any backstop would be far less likely to be invoked.The changes we would need to see include:A permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union. This would include alignment with the union customs code, a common external tariff and an agreement on commercial policy that includes a UK say on future EU trade deals. We believe that a customs union is necessary to deliver the frictionless trade that our businesses, workers and consumers need, and is the only viable way to ensure there is no hard border on the island of Ireland. As you are aware, a customs union is supported by most businesses and trade unions.Close alignment with the single market. This should be underpinned by shared institutions and obligations, with clear arrangements for dispute resolution.Dynamic alignment on rights and protections so that UK standards keep pace with evolving standards across Europe as a minimum, allowing the UK to lead the way.Clear commitments on participation in EU agencies and funding programmes, including in areas such as the environment, education, and industrial regulation.Unambiguous agreements on the detail of future security arrangements, including access to the European Arrest Warrant and vital shared databases.last_img read more

Frisco Five End Hunger Strike Protesting Police Shootings Call for a General

first_imgAbeba wrote that the group of hunger strikers is likely to remain in the hospital for several days as they recover and undergo a lengthy re-feeding process.“As the health of #Frisco5 grows uncertain, the whole San Francisco community took the step to demand the hunger strikers  suspend their hunger strike so they can return to the front lines and help shape this movement and the pursuit of justice for the black and brown citizens of San Francisco,” Abeba wrote. “They have decided to listen to the community that they love.”Supporters of the strikers who protested at City Hall last night were pushed forcefully out of the building by sheriff’s deputies and police officers who wielded, and at times struck with, batons. The protest continued well past 10 p.m. Supporters of the movement intend to begin the general strike with a rally at City Hall at 8:30 a.m. on Monday. Tags: Mission Police Station • protests Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% After 17 days without solid food, the five hunger strikers who had been camped out in front of Mission Police Station to demand the resignation of SFPD Chief Greg Suhr have ended their fast, a spokesperson for the strikers said. On Friday afternoon, the entire group had been taken to the hospital.In a continuation of their movement, however, the group has called on their supporters to participate in a general strike on Monday, May 9.“The end of the strike is in no way a concession – it’s a victory of monumental proportions. They have been told in no uncertain terms by the community that they are needed here to help fight a corrupt administration and a racist and violent police department,” wrote Yayne Abeba, in a statement on behalf of the strikers. “They still hold true to their demands.”Maria Cristina Gutierrez, Ilyich “Equipto” Sato, Edwin Lindo and Sellassie Blackwell began their strike in protest of deadly shootings at the hands of police officers, the most recent claiming the life of Luis Gongora, as well as a series of scandals including the discovery of two separate sets of racist and homophobic text messages exchanged among officers.center_img 0%last_img read more

Distillations Down and out at Southern Pacific

first_img Email Address “You know what?” Betsy asked me as we walked over to Southern Pacific, because, God damn it, it was right fucking there so why wouldn’t we go to a bar that everyone likes? “I should be more like Trump.”I admit, I had not seen that coming.“Well,” she said, “I mean, he spends all day screwing everything up, then wakes up the next morning and can just brag to everyone about the incredible things he did yesterday. I need some of that.”Betsy, a former coworker of mine, just got back from presenting at a conference, and thinks she screwed it up. “My stuff was the worst stuff,” she explained. Southern Pacific wasn’t crowded, but it was still noisy and … okay … honestly, I don’t know why I hate this bar so much. They make their own beer, and it’s good beer. Their food isn’t something I’d rave about, but it’s a step above conventional pub fare. Because it’s a converted warehouse, it’s spacious; with an outdoor patio, a massive main area, and an upper deck, it has an amount of space that is positively luxurious for San Francisco. So what’s my problem?We scooted around a small tent encampment to get to the door, went inside, and placed our orders. I got the porter, a nice flavorful and dark beer which, for some reason, I prefer over their lighter, Belgian-style beers (this is unlike me). Betsy ordered the Kolsch, but they were out, so she went with a California Blonde instead, and a basket of sage fries. The fries are, you know, fine. They’re fine. I don’t understand why my friends keep eating them.The future Southern Pacific Brewing Company on 620 Treat Street, pictured here in 2011.“I love fries,” Betsy said as we walked to the outside patio, where it was possible to actually hear a conversation. I think … I guess? … that my issue with Southern Pacific is that for a bar with so many advantages, it is just so goddamn uninteresting. Everything is decent, but it seems to show no discernible vision beyond just packing people in. No matter what I do there (and I recommend the lamb wrap), I feel like I’m settling. Fuck convenient, there’s always someplace I’d rather be. After a certain point you have to acknowledge that maybe this is your issue, and nobody else’s. But is the issue that other people like convenience too much, or that I just don’t know how to recognize a good thing over and over again?“I was told I should smile less,” Betsy told meI rolled my eyes. “Oh, screw that.”She gave me a skeptical look. “You hate it when I smile.”“I object to your chronic cheerfulness, yes.”“You once compared working with me to being hit over the head by a basket of kittens,” she reminded me.“And I stand by that,” I agreed. “But that doesn’t mean you should take the advice of cynical misanthropes to heart. I hate your never-ending cheerfulness, but it makes you happy, so do it! Fuck everybody else!”Her lips curled. “Misanthrope,” she muttered, shaking her head. “You’re not a misanthrope. I’ve got a ton of friends who are more misanthropic than you.”“You,” she continued, eating a fry pointedly, “do not know me at all. You keep thinking you do, because you keep expecting it to be a quick process.”“That’s not … huh, no, actually, you’ve got me.”She squinted at me. “Do I?”“Yeah, I think so.”She picked up another fry. “That’s disappointing. I expected you to have some great comeback.”I shook my head as a server came out to collect our glasses and basket. I’ll say this for Southern Pacific: They hustle. “No, I’m not going to argue. The idea that people don’t really know each other at all is kind of a big theme in my life right now.”“Oh,” she said. And thought about it. “I should go home. I have to take care of my cat. Do you want a ride?”“Sure, thanks.”“No problem.” We got up to leave. “I appreciate you saying it was okay for me to smile. That was surprising.”“I’ve told you: I have no care for your cheerfulness, but I’m invested in your happiness.”“You said that?” “Yeah. I told you that after that time when I shouted at you and hurt your feelings.”“Huh. I didn’t notice.”“See?”Read more from Benjamin Wachs Is there a bar that all your friends really like but you just can’t stand? And you cringe inside every time they say “let’s go there!” and suddenly you’re listing pros and cons in your head about whether spending an hour with these people is really worth it? On the one hand you might hook up, on the other hand you might have to sit there drinking craft beer? Do you have a bar like that? Is it Southern Pacific? Because if it’s Southern Pacific, I would like to get a drink with you at any bar in the Mission besides Southern Pacific.This will only come up for you if the bar is so fucking convenient to where you live, or work, or people you like to see. If a bar isn’t that convenient, you can almost always steer people away from it. But if a bar you hate is both popular and convenient, it will haunt you like Banquo’s ghost. center_img Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletterlast_img read more

May 2019 Roar of the Crowd

first_img Hope you enjoyed your free ride. To get back in the saddle, subscribe! First Name Sign up for free access Last Name The State of Texas(Daily)A daily digest of Texas news, plus the latest from Texas Monthly Editor’s Desk(Monthly)A message from the editors at Texas Monthly If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. Leave them blank to get signed up. This Week in Texas(Weekly)The best stories from Texas Monthly The quirkiest novelty about Buc-ee’s is not the fascination with scatology that dominates its highway billboards but the bizarre refusal to inform motorists of its fuel prices, as nearly every other gasoline station in the country does. Your laudatory article claims that Buc-ee’s fuel prices are among the lowest in the nation, but the only way a prospective customer can determine the price at the moment of need is to snuggle up to a pump and peer at its tiniest numbers. I concede that the Buc-ee’s men’s restroom is so enormous that it’s difficult to imagine any crisis that would require gents to queue up for a number one or two. I presume the ladies’ room is even more commodious.Don Buckman, Fort Worth They sell all that dang food and there’s no place to sit and eat it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood out front and ate my food off the woodpile. Come on, Beaver.Clarissa Sarino, Georgetown Devils AdvocateMy greatest family adventure, from fifty years ago, was at the Devils River [“The Temptation of the Devils,” March 2019]. As my dad always said, “Leave it better than you found it. Police the area!” That meant pick up all the trash, even something not from us. Even something really old, like tin cans and bottle caps. We learned about small details and the majesty of a big sky at night. Please leave it better than you found it.Jamie Tolbert Franklin, via Facebook  Never Miss a StorySign up for Texas Monthly’s State of Texas newsletter to get stories like this delivered to your inbox daily.center_img Already a subscriber? Login or link your subscription. Sign UpI agree to the terms and conditions. You’ve read your last free article Subscribe now, or to get 10 days of free access, sign up with your email. Cancel anytime. Why am I seeing this? We publish reader letters in every issue of Texas Monthly. Below is feedback for our March 2019 issue. Have something to tell us? You can write to us here.To Beaver . . . My aunt Maureen sent me your Buc-ee’s article [“Buc-ee’s Goes Big,” March 2019]. The “cult” of Buc-ee’s caught my eye, because it truly has a cult following in our family. This past month my aunt and uncle drove down to escape the Chicago temperatures, and they teased me with selfies in front of the bronze Buc-ee. So of course I then put my order in for my favorite jerky and BBQ rubs. Lol.Mary Bridget Graham, Channahon, Illinois The first time my family entered Buc-ee’s, we were on our way to Port Bolivar, and we spent an hour in the store. Our stop took 20 percent of the trip’s time. I don’t know if this is embarrassing or if it just demonstrates the passion we have for the store, but either way, I love it, and you perfectly captured why.Brandi Addison, Midland Funny story: Since the New Braun-fels store opened, I have stopped every time I pass. I have pissed in the same urinal every time. The same one every time. That is my urinal. I feel completely at home.Lorne D. Guitzkow, Hondo. . . or Not to Beaver Buc-ee’s is an environmentally irresponsible eyesore on the landscape of Texas highways. It’s repulsive and represents all the worst consumerism possible, from its offensive logo to its miles of storefront and gas pumps. Think about it: How do fifty aisles of mostly empty lanes to buy gas or miles of snacks that will kill you or junk trinkets contribute to a path of world domination? How? How does writing about the blight on our Texas culture make my life better?Steve Louis, Houston  Enter your email address Subscribelast_img read more

Sinkhole opens at Codington Elementary School

first_img He says this sinkhole is not like the significant one they had over the summer at Bellamy Elementary School which caused the road to be closed.The sinkhole at Codington is in the parent pickup line. The school is going to reroute parent pickup and dropoff in the mornings and afternoons. Holliday says the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office will help with extra traffic.The school district will access the problem and see what needs to be done. If it’s a quick fix it will be repaired soon, but if’s a bigger problem it will be fixed during fall intercession, which begins September 25.Related Article: K-12 from the comfort of your sofa with North Carolina Virtual AcademyHolliday says the principal will be notifying parents tonight. Small sinkhole at Codington Elementary School (Photo: Jenna Kurzyna/WWAY) NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Traffic in and out of Codington Elementary School will be impacted for the next couple of weeks because of a sinkhole that opened on campus late this afternoon.New Hanover County Schools Deputy Superintendent Rick Holliday says a water drain pipe either came apart or broke. Water eroded the soil underneath and that compromised the asphalt. The sinkhole is about 12 inches deep and about 5 yards wide, Holliday said.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Pender Humane Society needs new board members

first_imgPENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — If you are an animal lover and have some free time on your hands the Pender Humane Society needs your help!Dozens attended a meeting at For our Furry Friends Thrift Store Thursday night in hopes of attracting new board members.- Advertisement – President Gloria Johnson said the board has run out of steam. Several of the current board members are in their upper 70s and 80s and plan to retire.Johnson said they need some fresh faces to carry on their legacy.Pender Humane Society opened its no-kill shelter eight years ago.Related Article: Be the voice for a child with the NC Guardian ad Litem ProgramJohnson said they need people willing to take on the task of organizing events to raise money for the shelter among other duties.“We’re looking for people who love animals,” Johnson said. “And will give there all to make sure that this continues. We’ve worked so hard during the years to make it possible.”Johnson said they plan on training those who are interested in taking a seat on the board. She adds they will always be a part of the Pender Humane Society, they just will not be running the show anymore.If you are interested, they are hosting another meeting Friday at 6 p.m. at For our Furry Friends Thrift Store.last_img read more

Two women killed in Maple Hill crash

first_img Officials said it was a single vehicle crash. Highway Patrol says Shemada Banks, 35 of Holly Ridge, and Kayla Dancy, 19, of Holly Ridge were killed in the accident.The trooper told WWAY the car failed to stop at a stop sign and ran into trees.Highway Patrol believes speeding and alcohol were contributing factors in the crash.Related Article: SUV crashes through barrier, hits 4 kids on Florida beachThe investigation is on-going. MAPLE HILL, NC (WWAY) — Two people are dead after a crash in Pender County late Thursday night.According to the Pender County Sheriff’s Office, the call came in just after 11 p.m. near Highway 50 and Old Maple Hill Road.- Advertisement – last_img read more

ILM passenger numbers taking off thanks to new flights

first_imgAmerican Airlines jets on the runway at Wilmington International Airport. (Photo: WWAY) WILMINGTON, NC (StarNews) — Wilmington International Airport is on pace to have a record year for passenger traffic in 2018.The airport has exceeded its 2017 numbers every month so far this year, including 85,701 passengers flying out of ILM in May. While the airport was seeing more passenger traffic — up more than 6 percent since last year — the massive spike can be traced to the airport’s newest airline.- Advertisement – “The No. 1 reason is United Airlines,” Airport Director Julie Wilsey said. “We’ve added 410 seats a day in our market. We have the three strongest networks in commercial airlines.”In November, United Airlines announced it would begin offering daily nonstop service to Chicago and Washington, D.C., this spring, giving the airport its third major carrier after Delta and American Airlines.Click here to read more from StarNewsOnline.last_img read more

Two Wilmington men sentenced for heroin distribution

first_img On September 19, 2016, in a joint investigation, the FBI Safe Streets Task Force Gang Unit and the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Vice Division arranged an undercover purchase of heroin from Deandre Sweet. When Deandre Sweet arrived in a parking lotin Wilmington to complete the sale, law enforcement stopped his rental car and found 500 bags of heroin. He was then arrested. According to the investigation, Deandre Sweet imported more than 500 grams of heroin from New York and New Jersey for distribution. A portion of this heroin was provided to gang members in the Wilmington area.In the same joint investigation, law enforcement conducted several undercover purchases from Kyeric Sweet between June and October 2017. On October 12, 2017, law enforcement arrested Kyeric Sweet in possession of a quantity of heroin and more than $2,500.According to law enforcement, Kyeric Sweet is a validated gang member.Related Article: Two other shootings reported in Wilmington on Sunday, total stands at 3These cases are part of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Investigation entitled Tooth Fairy targeting gangs and heroin distribution in southeast North Carolina. This investigation was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Safe Streets Task Force, Wilmington Police Department Gang Unit and the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.Assistant United States Attorney Timothy M. Severo handled the prosecution of this case for the government. Deandre Sweet and Kyeric Sweet (Photo: New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two Wilmington men were sentenced in federal court Tuesday for heroin distribution.According to a news release, Deandre Sweet will spend at least the next 8.5 years behind bars and Kyeric Sweet will spent 7.5 years for dealing drugs across state lines.- Advertisement – last_img read more