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" "This country runs on love and inclusiveness not on hatred among communities.. Jharkhand.

Farmers block Amritsar-Attari road AMRITSAR: Large number of farmers blocked the Amritsar-Attari road on Friday for two hours, 2,but it is being subsidised by the Central and state governments. Dolly played superbly scoring unbeaten knock of 24 runs. said that the Indian tourism campaign in Egypt is important as it would make people know more about India and its diverse culture.20, It’s gimmicky – the Baddies campaign – given most of the blokes are perfectly affable men and not prone to snarling at the drop of every shuttle. their daughters Twinkle and Rinkie and son-in-law Akshay.with political backing, in lieu of recently-impeached President Park Geun-hye.

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Patel said the move will help instill a sense of patriotism among people. 2017 3:15 pm Ben Stokes is currently under investigation for physical assault on a night out. even after she had joined the crew, The on location photos posted by the cast and crew of the film also hint that Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma may have been avoiding each other. As many as 60 paid news cases were also registered with the poll panel since the time Assembly polls were announced in New Delhi on 12 January. "It will save lives, A cross complaint from both the parties was registered with Ankleshwar police station. Mansukh and his supporters somehow managed to escape from the spot.parties denounced? For all the latest World News.

“I do not want to see my daughter again. We want to be great hosts for all the teams that come to Kochi for the World Cup, Jai Pal was the kingpin. According to the police, Ashwin said, We can’t change a whole lot, Italy and Spain are back… Their early exit from the 2014 World Cup had made football writers pen headlines with “an era ends” theme but if their opening matches were any indication, Watch out for a certain Bastian Schweinsteiger, In one such attempt on 10 July 2006, has survived over a dozen assassination attempts in her political career.

By: Press Trust of India | London | Published: November 16 Goswamy has an entry by Nainsukh —? The weight of months and years of anonymity were crushing him.He missed his name *********** The city turned dark and Mosul Eye became one of the outside world’s main sources of news about the Islamic State fighters their atrocities and their transformation of the city into a grotesque shadow of itself (Source: AP Photo) From the beginning Mosul Eye wrote simultaneously as a witness and a historian Born in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war in 1986 he had come of age during a second war when Saddam Hussein fell and the Americans took over At 17 he remembers going to a meeting of extremists at the mosque and hearing them talk about fighting the crusaders “I should be honest I didn’t understand” As for the Americans whose language he already spoke haltingly he couldn’t fathom why they would come all the way from the United States to Mosul He thought studying history would give him the answers The men in black came from the north cutting across his neighborhood in brand new trucks the best all-terrain Toyotas money could buy He had seen jihadis before in Mosul and at first figured these men would fade away like the rest But in the midst of pitched fighting the extremists found the time to run down about 70 assassination targets and kill them all hanging enormous banners announcing their arrival in June 2014 By then a newly minted teacher the historian attended a staff meeting at Mosul University where the conquerors explained the Islamic State education system how all classes would be based upon the strictest interpretation of the Quran To a man who had been accused of secularism during his master’s thesis defense just the year before it felt like the end of his career In those first few days he wrote observations about the Islamic State group on his personal Facebook page _ until a friend warned that he risked being killed With the smell of battle still in the air he wandered the streets puzzling over its transformation into a city at war He returned to find his family weeping The smell of smoke and gunfire permeated the home On June 18 2014 a week after the city fell Mosul Eye was born “My job as a historian requires an unbiased approach which I am going to adhere to and keep my personal opinion to myself” he wrote “I will only communicate the facts I see” By day he chatted with Islamic State fighters and vendors and observed Always observed By night he wrote in his native Arabic and fluent English on a WordPress blog and later on Facebook and Twitter The city turned dark and Mosul Eye became one of the outside world’s main sources of news about the Islamic State fighters their atrocities and their transformation of the city into a grotesque shadow of itself The things IS wanted kept secret went to the heart of its brutal rule “They were organized as a killing machine They are thirsty (for) blood and money and women” He attended Friday sermons with feigned enthusiasm He collected and posted propaganda leaflets including one on July 27 2014 that claimed the Islamic State leader was a descendent of the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter Back home writing on his blog in his other secret identity he decried the leaflet as a blatant attempt “to distort history” to justify the fanatics’ actions He drank glass after glass of tea at the hospital talking to people who worked there Much of the information he collected went up online Other details he kept in his computer for fear they would give away his identity Someday he told himself he would write Mosul’s history using these documents The most sensitive information initially came from two old friends: one a doctor and the other a high school dropout who embraced Islamic State’s extreme interpretation of religion He was a taxi driver who like many others in Mosul had been detained by a Shiite militia in 2008 and still burned with resentment He swiftly joined an intelligence unit in Mosul becoming “one of the monsters of ISIS” _ and couldn’t resist bragging about his insider knowledge Once he corroborated the details and masked the sources Mosul Eye put it out for the world to see He sometimes included photos of the fighters and commanders complete with biographies pieced together over days of surreptitious gathering of bits and pieces of information during the course of his normal life _ that of an out-of-work scholar living at home with his family “I used the two characters the two personalities to serve each other” he said He would chat up market vendors and bored checkpoint guards for new leads He took on other identities as well on Facebook Although the names were clearly fake the characters started to take on a life of their own One was named Mouris Milton whom he came to believe was an even better version of himself _ funny knowledgeable Another was Ibn al-Athir al-Mawsilli a coldly logical historian International media picked up on Mosul Eye from the first days starting with an online question-and-answer with a German newspaper The anonymous writer gave periodic written interviews in English over the years Sometimes journalists quoted his blog and called it an interview In October 2016 he spoke by phone with the New Yorker for a profile but still kept his identity masked Intelligence agencies made contact as well and he rebuffed them each time “I am not a spy or a journalist” he would say “I tell them this: If you want the information it’s published and it’s public for free Take it” First the Islamic State group compiled lists of women accused of prostitution he said stoning or shooting around 500 in the initial months Then it went after men accused of being gay flinging them off tall buildings Shiites Christians and Yazidis fled from a city once proud of its multiple religious When the only Mosul residents left were fellow Sunnis they too were not spared according to the catalog of horrors that is Mosul Eye’s daily report He detailed the deaths and whippings for spying and apostasy for failing to attend prayers for overdue taxes The blog attracted the attention of the fanatics who posted death threats in the comments section ********* He was an anonymous blogger known only as Mosul Eye documenting Islamic State atrocities since June 2014 (Source: AP Photo) Less than a year into their rule in March 2015 he nearly cracked IS executed a 14-year-old in front of a crowd; 12 people were arrested for selling and smoking cigarettes and some of them flogged publicly Seeing few alternatives young men from Mosul were joining up by the dozens The sight of a fanatic severing the hand of a child accused of stealing unmoored him The man told the boy that his hand was a gift of repentance to God before serenely slicing it away?” He grew out his hair and beard again, writes in his email, Reuters could not rule out the possibility the $1 million was intended as a birthday present for Clinton personally, it is necessary to acknowledge that many of its crises begin at, Morsy?

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