Nintendo NX image leak looks fake and for Nintendos sake I hope

first_imgToday the Internet has erupted over a leaked image of the forthcoming Nintendo NX. However, there is no evidence the image is real, it does look fake, and I’m sure the majority of gamers are hoping it is because it looks terrible.The image first appeared on Reddit via Idriss2Dev who claims to be a game developer and has provided no proof so far that he/she has access to a Nintendo NX development kit. All we have is this poor quality image, the original of which you can see below:Pretty much everything about this image looks fake. The screen is blurry and unlike any I’ve seen before. The connector is very bulky, there’s no Nintendo branding, although Idriss2Dev says there’s tape covering it, where exactly I don’t know. There’s also an upper section of the screen that looks out of place near the connector. Is this the tape or a Photoshop hack job?The design of this NX does sort of tie up with the patent that appeared for the touch controller. However, the images contained within that patent had grip handles where as this leaked image has none. That could be because it’s a development unit, or because it’s fake. I’m sticking with this being a fake.If we do entertain the idea this is real for a moment, and we have to because who seriously thought the Wii was real when pre-launch details started appearing? Then it does not look like a great piece of gaming kit. It looks quite large and the display is going to require a lot of juice to keep running. So we’ll either have a controller that needs charging every few hours, or a very heavy controller thanks to a large battery contained inside it.For Nintendo’s sake, I hope this is fake, or at the very least is an very early development unit which has since been greatly refined. I also hope this isn’t meant to be a replacement for the Wii U and the 3DS, because using this controller as the next 3DS is clearly going to be limiting for developers.last_img

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