These Lego Retro Technology Builds Are Packed With Nostalgic Details

first_imgStay on target This Life-Sized Captain Marvel Model Is Built From 17,000 Lego Bricks’The Lego Movie 2′ Trailer is Here and It’s an Intergalactic Dream These days, the typical office computer setup is a pretty streamlined affair. Flat screen LCD monitors. PCs the approximate size of a VHS tape. Three decades ago things were quite a bit blockier. Big, chunky mice. CRT displays. AT Keyboards with their thick, coiled cables.It’s what I grew up with, which is why I was so excited about seeing these classic deskscapes recreated in Lego form.They’re the work of Lego wizard Chris McVeigh, who has a real knack for small-scale builds. He’s been putting together amazing models for quite some time (and even offering his creations for sale in case you feel the urge to acquire one of them).AdChoices广告McVeigh just added three wonderful new sets. Each one presents a different scene, and they’re all packed with detail. With just a few simple pieces he’s managed to recreate everything you’d expect to see on an early-80s desk, from a rotary phone to a floppy disk organizer to a mix tape. The desk drawers really slide in and out, too, and they hide additional goodies… including what looks a lot like a copy of Star Lord’s Awesome Mix.The DOS 2.0 Edition (below, right) even has a disk drive that lets you slide in a floppy!The computers themselves are fantastic. McVeigh nailed their design, and I can totally picture a minifig version of myself parked in the tile-upholstered chair playing Zork or Archon.McVeigh offers downloadable building guides for his creations… for free, no less! You can grab instructions for these sets and others from his website. If you’d prefer an exact replica that includes all the custom-printed pieces, head on over to McVeigh’s shop and show your support!Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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