Watch Seagull Devours Baby Shark on New Jersey Beach

first_imgStay on target A seagull was recently caught attacking and eating a baby shark on a New Jersey beach.Rebecca Stout, a beachgoer who witnessed the incident at Ocean City Beach, filmed the seagull’s “catch of the day” and shared the footage on YouTube on Aug. 12, AOL reported. In the video, the squirming shark tries to get away as a seagull attacks it from above, however, when another seagull comes in for a landing, the bird decides to swallow its prey on the spot, Newsweek noted.“Ocean City, NJ seagulls will literally eating anything,” Stout wrote under the video. “There is a plethora of food around this guy, but for some reason he felt the urge to take a plunge into the water and snag a shark.”Even though Stout’s husband wanted to save the baby shark, Stout explained how the seagull still would have flown away with its prized meal.“They are FAST no way would this guy leave this treasure behind if my husband tried to chase it away. And if it did fly away with it, it would be dead for sure,” Stout added. “I still had hopes that he would give up. Although its blurry it was thrilling to get such an event recorded and on film!”Ocean City, which is a popular beach spot in the state, is known for its aggressive seagull population. On July 19, Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian released a letter to the public on the issue, explaining how people should not feed seagulls or other birds that populate the beach.“These birds have become very aggressive and pose a public safety hazard. Some people think it’s funny to feed the gulls and see them swarm,” Gillian wrote. “For the health and safety of both animals and humans, this must stop.”Over the past couple of weeks, falcons, hawks, and owls have been used to patrol Ocean City’s boardwalk and beach to stop pesky seagull behavior, CBS New York reported. These “watch” birds fly over Ocean City Beach everyday to make sure seagulls stay away from potential food sources.More on at Seagulls May Help Avoid Food TheftBeached Shark Stuns Families Walking Near Oregon ShoreSharks Bite 2 Surfers Minutes Apart at Florida Beach Woman Bitten Twice By Shark While Swimming in Hawaii BayDNA From Tooth Solves Shark Bite Mystery, 25 Years Later last_img

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