iPhoneConnected Hearing Aid Gives Doctor Remote Access

first_img Some hearing-impaired people visit the audiologist so often they exchange Christmas gifts every December. But thanks to GN Hearing, you can stop shopping for ear-themed coffee mugs.The Danish firm’s new ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aid and ReSound Smart Fit software allow for remote fine-tuning and updates via the cloud.Following an initial fitting at the clinic, wearers can request assistance in tweaking their settings—wherever they are. Sunbathing on a tropical beach? Spelunking in an underground cave? Watching TV in your living room? Request an adjustment from anywhere (as long as you have mobile reception).“The hearing care professional can make all fine-tunings remotely to provide a better hearing experience for the user,” GN said in a press release.GN ReSoundNo need to schedule an appointment or travel to the clinic. Cloud integration enables the doctor to stay connected, make individual changes, and push new settings to patients. Owners, meanwhile, can share feedback in real time, rather than suffering until they can make an appointment.The technology, which sounds like a hacker’s wet dream, includes an application that lets folks personalize and control their sound via an iPhone, Apple Watch, and selected Android phones.“The app empowers users to take even more control of their hearing experience through a built-in guidance and coaching feature,” according to GN. “And [it] gives users direct access to their hearing care professional for efficient optimization without the need for an appointment in a clinic.”Boasting fifth-generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology and third-gen binaural directionality, the 3D—like its LiNX 2 predecessor—prioritizes voices over ambient sounds in a noisy environment. A launch date and pricing are expected later this year; sign up online for more information.“ReSound LiNX 3D transforms the hearing care industry, meets the modern user’s high demands for superb sound quality and fulfills our company purpose of making life sound better,” GN CEO Anders Hedegaard said in a statement.A similar device, the Beltone Trust, will be released by North American firm Beltone. Stay on target Smart Eye Implant Uses Magnets To Manage GlaucomaMonitor Your Cat’s Diet in Real Time With Smart Pet Feeder last_img

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