Passwords at centre of latest cyber security campaign

A new cyber security campaign has been launched to help improve the ‘password hygiene’ of the Brock community.Brock ITS Services is reminding people to change their passwords regularly and to make them strong by including numbers, symbols and characters.In order to keep information protected, passwords should never be shared or made visible.Tips from ITS:Pick a strong password that is difficult to guess and contains a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters. One method is to pick a memorable sentence to convert into a password. For instance, “The best university in the world is Brock University!” could be used as “TbuinwiBU!” by using the first letter of each word. An entire sentence can also be used with special characters in a pattern. For example, “My cat has furry feet” could be used as “My,cat,has,furry,feet!”Use different passwords for different services.Do not share your passwords or make them visible to anyone.Change your password every four months. Use a password management program or service.For assistance setting up a strong password, call the service desk at ext. 4357 or e-mail [email protected] more information, visit the Cyber Security Awareness — Think Before you Click program.

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