Ubers Coverage to Expand into Rabat Tangier and Marrakech

Rabat – The U.S. Company Uber keeps making strides in Morocco. Uber launched in the Moroccan market by servicing Casablanca amidst criticism. They are now planning to expand into Rabat in late 2015, followed by Tangier and Marrakech in 2016.Morocco’s daily L’Economiste newspaper reports in its September 3rd edition that Uber’s “strategy in Morocco is growing slowly but surely.” The company intends to enlarge its customer base city by city, moving next into the Kingdom’s capital by the end of 2015. Port-laden Tangier and tourist-favorite Marrakech are also in Uber’s short-term plans for 2016.According to the same source, Uber is currently initiating a “small revolution in terms of consumption habits.” This move is becoming evident by the increase in revenues. Meryem Belqziz, CEO of the Moroccan subsidiary declared: “We exceeded our [revenue] projections.” However, she did not provide any details on the company’s economic measures of supply and demand, which have allegedly fostered significant developments.Uber’s services operate differently than traditional taxis and so are their prices. The U.S. Company claims it is more interested in targeting specific clienteles such as “businessmen,” than in being competitive with conventional taxis.Uber believes business people are more likely to accept and afford its higher service rates, which it justifies by mentioning its higher operating costs.The report exemplifies the bonuses Uber drivers receive, claiming to reach up to 2,000 dirhams per month.

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