Lifesaving actions recognized on the Santa Monica beach

first_imgHomeNewsLifesaving actions recognized on the Santa Monica beach Jan. 25, 2018 at 8:00 amNewsLifesaving actions recognized on the Santa Monica beachMatthew Hall3 years agoBeachcity of santa monicadaily pressdowntown santa monicaNewsSanta Monicasanta monica daily presssanta monica news Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, some of the nearly 63 million people that visit a Los Angeles area beach will help from emergency responders and several local agencies gathered in Santa Monica this week to recognize some of the lifesaving efforts from the past year.The Los Angeles County Fire Department Lifeguard Division held a recognition ceremony at Lifeguard Headquarters in Santa Monica to highlight five rescues from 2017, including one on the Santa Monica beach.Chief Deputy David R. Richardson Jr. said there were 16,000 medical responses on Los Angeles beaches last year and 9,800 rescues.“The rescues we’re recognizing today demonstrate Los Angeles County’s core values of integrity, team work, caring, community, commitment and courage,” he said. “And also it’s apparent today that we work well with our partner agencies…”Partnership and teamwork were a theme for the event that included recognition for the Good Samaritans that are often part of a rescue effort.“Also we’d like to recognize those Good Samaritans that are out there and sometimes provide the aid that is needed to provide a positive outcome for those patients,” said Richardson.Deputy Fire Chief Anthony M. Whittle said the exemplary nature of local responders was evident in the emotional weight of their stories.“Today I’m going to challenge you to also add that the true value and definition of exemplary is the emotion that you feel as a service provider but also as a recipient of that service and today I think the stories that we have, the stories you’ll hear, you’re going to feel the emotion to truly define an exemplary outcome.”The Santa Monica rescue occurred on September 3, 2017. Jonathan Penzner was bodyboarding between Lifeguard Towers 27-28. Penzner is a former Santa Monica resident who still returns to the local beach where he and his family spent many years. This time, as Penzner crested a wave he struck the ocean floor injuring his neck.A fellow swimmer recognized he had been injured and helped secure him until the nearby lifeguards were able to bring him to shore. The Santa Monica Fire Department responded to the water’s edge with their specialized vehicles and the team effort helped bring Penzner to a nearby hospital.“I want to say the guys who took care of me were fantastic,” said Penzner. “I can’t express my appreciation enough.”In the second case, a woman noticed a lifeguard unconscious outside their tower. Her quick notification to emergency services and the response of local ambulance services helped the lifeguard receive vital treatment.In two occasions, the teamwork helped save lives in Manhattan Beach. In the first case, responders aided in the recovery of a man found unconscious in his beach chair and in the second, Good Samaritans helped save the life of a man injured while surfing.In the final case, a multi-agency response saved the life of a man in the Avalon harbor on Catalina Island. According to officials, the 70-year old man had to be removed from his boat but before reaching the hospital, he experienced a heart attack. Responders revived him three times before he was transported.In describing the Santa Moncia rescue, Ocean Lifeguard Captain Brent Katzer said successful rescues were the result of a strong chain of individuals.“One thing that’s great about this was teamwork,” he said. “The teamwork started before the EMS personal arrived, it started with the good Samaritans. We had a person who was injured, another person saw that person was injured and needed help and that began that chain of a rescue effort by helping that person …”The individuals recognized include:Santa Monica Beach Neck InjuryLifeguards Brent Katzer, Mike Murphy, Chad Carvin, Brandon Leon. Firefighters Matt Norris, Matthew Bailey, Kenny Harrell, Jeff Venezio, Bryce Johnson, Jacob Farley, Bryant Stone and Michael Linares.Lifeguard InjuryLifeguards Erik Wylie, Todd Ribera and Lauren McNulty. Firefighters Alvin Brewer, Kevin Kinney, Cole Kahle, Alex Abdalla, Armando Bonilla, Kyle Price, Kevin Jimenez, Jonathan Guardado and Brian Jordan. EMTs Chris Nease and Kyle Plank. Good Samaritans Douglas Calderon and Aurelia Lelegard.Manhattan Beach Neck InjuryLifeguards Eric Howell, Matt Shafer, Jamie Orr and Ian Christensen. Good Samaritans Rupert Smith and Scott Whitehead.Manhattan Beach rescueLifeguards Tim McNulty, Will Didinger, Brandon Saliba, Richard Carmona, Davis Pratt and Greg Lee.Avalon rescueRescue Boat Captains Matt Lutton and Steve Powell. Lifeguard Sean Kennedy. Pilot Warren Messina. Firefighters Gary Black, Tim Gilman, Randy Bishop, Johnny Gray, Dave Long, Frank Minuto, Jorge Hernandez and Christian Cisneros. Avalon Harbor Master J.J. Poindexter.Tags :Beachcity of santa monicadaily pressdowntown santa monicaNewsSanta Monicasanta monica daily presssanta monica newsshare on Facebookshare on Twitteradd a commentCulture Watch: Who Needs Libraries? 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New Tupac Music To Be Released From The Vaults

first_imgThere’s a whole reservoir of unreleased Tupac Shakur material out there that will finally see the light of day. The deceased rapper’s family has given total control over to JAM, inc., the same company responsible for releasing posthumous material from The Doors, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding and more.According to Rolling Stone, Jeff Jampol, owner of JAM, inc., has dug through “unreleased music, released music, remixes, original demos, writings, scripts, plans, video treatments [and] poems” from the rapper, who was murdered in the mid-90s. Tupac Handwritten Letter Reveals Potential Outkast CollaborationThe project will mark a “total reset of the Shakur estate,” says Jampol.So far, Tupac has made an “appearance” in a Powerade commercial in which he recites a line from “Mama’s Just A Little Girl” (watch below). He also pops up on Kendrick Lamar’s new album To Pimp a Butterfly, with an old interview from 1994 refurbished into a “conversation” between Shakur and Lamar on the track “Mortal Men.”last_img read more

BCCI has every right to host IPL if World Cup postponed…

first_imgKingston: Former West Indies legend Michael Holding said the BCCI had the power to organize the IPL in this window if the ICC’s T20 World Cup was postponed due to Kovid-19. The T20 World Cup is being held in Australia between October and November this year. But the speculation that the tournament might replace the ICC is strong. The ICC said it would make a final decision on the matter by June 10. Tendulkar threatens Ganguly’s career The incident occurred in 1997 On the same day, two India: Kohli in Test, Rahul will lead T20- Chopra’s XIAlready, there have been suggestions that if the ICC postpone the T20 World Cup, the IPL could be held in the same window. Holding has come out in support of this. He was speaking during an Instagram live session.The ICC T20 World Cup is not expected to be replaced by the IPL. The tournament was barred by the Australian government forbidding foreigners from entering the country. If there is no T20 World Cup, the BCCI can organize the IPL at the same time. BCCI reserves the right to do so. This is because there is such a window. Holding explained that the IPL will not be torn apart in another tournament.The 13th season of the IPL was supposed to begin on March 29. But with the announcement of a lockdown in the country due to Kovid-19, the BCCI has decided to postpone the tournament indefinitely. BCCI has not commented on the future of the IPL. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka and the UAE have come forward to host the tournament. BCCI has conducted the IPL abroad twice before. Recently, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal had said that he would consider moving the tournament abroad if the situation in India does not improve.To know the latest news from myKhel. Allow Notificationslast_img read more

Friday the 13th: Dispelling myths around the day

first_img Related iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — For some it’s just another day on the calendar. For others, it’s a day to avoid all risk-taking, a day where “luck” is simply not on your side.While its notoriety increased through the “Friday the 13th”horror franchise, there are additional coincidences and traditions associated with the tensions around this peculiar day.It’s a numbers game! Numerologists find that Western cultures tend to emphasize completeness through the number 12, according to University of Delaware professor Thomas Fernsler, who works in the school’s Mathematics & Science Education Resource Center. From the 12 tribes of Israel to the 12 days of Christmas, the number 13 simply does not provide that same sense of safe equilibrium.Ancient narratives persist Historical religious events, like the Last Supper, have also contributed to the negative association towards the number 13. National Geographic reported that according to Christian tradition, Judas Iscariot, the disciple known to have betrayed Jesus, was the 13th guest to have arrived at the iconic Holy Thursday gathering. Though known as a “Good” Friday, the day Jesus was crucified also plays into the negativity around the superstition: Friday, a day centered on death.The fear is real! Though many write off superstitions regarding this day as merely fantasy, there’s evidence of societal and psychological impact. According to the Stress Management Center, more than $800 million dollars of potential business can be lost on a Friday the 13th, as citizens tend to avoid important financial decisions. Early mental health authors have even coined a term for this distinct “fear of 13” panic: triskaidekaphobia.Perspective prevails As with any phobia, the more you focus on it, the more you observe. And while tragedies have indeed taken place on Friday the 13th, like the Buckingham Palace bombing in 1940 or the Kansas Floods in 1929, there are also positive occurrences. A science victory, the discovery of dinosaur egg fossils occurred on Friday, July 13, 1923, according to the Museum of Natural History. A triumph for women, former president Lyndon B. Johnson amended an executive order to eliminate gender-based hiring discrimination, on October 13, 1967.And so, the only adage appears to remain true: Perspective, really is everything!Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMaticolast_img read more

Rare birds fill new Angolan forest

first_imgThe pristine forest of Angola’s Mount Moco is in urgent need of conservation. (Image: Mount Moco) According to the IUCN Red List, there may be as few as 465 pairs left of the endangered Swierstra’s francolin.(Image: Batis Birding Safaris) The colourful Bar-tailed trogon prefers to live in forests, preferably at an altitude higher than 1 600m, which is another excellent motivation for the urgent conservation of forest areas in Angola.(Image: Birding Africa) MEDIA CONTACTS • Hilary Buchanan  Percy FitzPatrick Institute of   African Ornithology  +27 21 650-3291 RELATED ARTICLES • Birds get right of way at airport • Saving the African penguin • Mozambique gets new reserve • Mount Mabu yields hidden bountyJanine ErasmusAngola is not generally known as an important birding destination, but this could soon change. The country’s bird population has received a boost with the news that a previously unknown tract of Afromontane forest has been discovered in the southern African country.Afromontane means “African mountain” and the term describes a type of eco-region, and the plants and animals associated with it, which is found in mountainous regions of Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula. This type of environment can occur up to an elevation of 2 000m above sea level, or as low as 300m.It is found mainly on the eastern side of the continent from the Red Sea right down to Knysna’s green abundance in South Africa. In Angola, the montane vegetation consists of grasslands and woodlands, rather than the tropical and subtropical vegetation found further north.This lush forest environment is important because it’s the most threatened habitat type in the country, and it’s home to some rare bird species.More forest than previously thoughtThe new discovery was made in the Namba mountains, by a team of scientists that included ornithologists Martin Mills and Martim Melo of Cape Town’s Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology, as well as Portuguese journalist Alexandre Vaz.The team published their findings in the online June issue of the peer-reviewed Bird Conservation International journal.The report, written by Mills, Melo and Vaz and titled The Namba mountains: new hope for Afromontane forest birds in Angola, revealed that previously, about 200ha of this vulnerable forest was thought to exist in Angola, 85ha of it located on Mount Moco, the country’s highest peak at 2 620m.The Namba mountains and nearby Mount Moco are situated in southern Cuanza Sul province, and lie within the Western Angola endemic bird area. This important bird habitat shelters a number of species which are confined to this region, such as the endemic genus Xenocopsychus, which has only one species, the Angola cave chat (X. ansorgei), listed as near threatened.A group of organisations and individuals, including Mills and Melo, is already involved in a conservation project that involves the Kanjonde community living near Mount Moco. The initiative aims to educate the community about minimising the impact on the ecosystem; promote sustainable tourism in the area with the community as the main beneficiary; supply the village with fuel-efficient stoves that will cut down on deforestation; and replenish the forest around the mountain by growing trees in a locally-run nursery. The villagers in charge of the nursery are paid for their services, and in his latest report, filed in February 2012, Mills said that the project was thriving.The team visited the Namba mountains in July 2010 to survey the bird life and to establish more accurately the extent of the existing forest. They were unable to physically explore the whole area because it was difficult to move around in the densely forested and often boulder-strewn terrain, but they still managed to record 89 bird species.Fifty-six species were observed in or adjacent to the forest, and included a sizeable population of the endangered Swierstra’s francolin (Pternistis swierstrai), an endemic species found near the forest edges.All 20 species which are generally found in Angolan forests and which are an indicator of the conservation health of the area, such as the Bar-tailed trogon (Apaloderma vittatum), Orange ground thrush (Zoothera gurneyi) and Laura’s woodland warbler (Phylloscopus laurae), were sighted.“Previously the only site in Angola at which all 20 forest-associated Afromontane taxa had been recorded was Moco,” wrote the team. “However, during brief surveys at the Nambas we found all 20 species, including several species that are now rare or extinct at Moco, many of them common.”According to the team, it is likely that the Namba region can now claim to hold the largest populations of these 20 species.Technology to the rescueThwarted in their efforts to map the area at ground level, the team turned to Google Earth on their return, using newly available imagery to survey the area from above.“We used cloud-free, high-resolution images from 2003 available on Google Earth,” wrote the authors in Bird Conservation International. “We traced the perimeter of each forest patch larger than 2.5ha to create a .kml [Google Earth file] polygon file and calculate its perimeter length in kilometres, area in hectares and area/edge ratio.”The percentage of closed-canopy forest cover, they wrote, within each patch was visually estimated to the nearest 5%, to calculate the amount of forest in each patch.Out of this further survey, wrote the team, came the conclusion that “the densely vegetated habitat of the Nambas was found to consist of mature, closed-canopy Afromontane forest with the broad-leafed Yellowwood (Podocarpus latifolius) as the dominant tree” – this is also South Africa’s national tree.Even more exciting was the realisation that this forest appeared to be in excellent condition and because of limited trail access, was largely unaffected by human intrusion. The team did note that some big trees had recently been felled.Altogether, these new patches amounted to some 590ha of previously unknown Afromontane forest, which significantly boosts the chances of survival for rare bird species. This brings the national area of Afromontane to about 700ha, more than three times the previous estimate of 200ha.The Nambas are therefore the most important site for Afromontane forest bird conservation in Angola, the team wrote, and all efforts should be made to recognise their conservation importance, especially since none of the tracts of Angolan Afromontane forest are formally protected.The Namba Mountains also satisfy the requirements to be named an important bird area because of the presence of a globally threatened species as well as restricted-range species. More surveys are now needed to accurately capture the population sizes, especially for Swierstra’s francolin, as well as the overall bird diversity. A survey of human populations and activities in the area and surrounding is also urgently needed, as this would help in drawing up conservation recommendations for the establishment of a new protected area, and to identify the most pressing threats to the biodiversity of the area.Dayne Braine, Batis Birding Safaris http://www.batisbirdingsafaris.comlast_img read more

Black WWI soldier reburied alongside white comrades

first_img7 July 2014Private Myengwa Beleza, a South African who died on the battlefields of France almost a century ago, has become the first black soldier to be buried alongside 600 of his white compatriots at a South African World War I memorial in northern France.Beleza, one of thousands of black South Africans who volunteered to serve as a member of the African Native Labour Corps, died on 27 November 1916 – one of the first South Africans to perish in World War IHowever, due to the segregationist policies of the South African government of the time, black South Africans who perished during the war were buried in civilian cemeteries across France, while their white counterparts were interred at the Delville Wood Memorial.On Sunday, against the backdrop of the 98th commemoration of the battle of Delville Wood, Beleza’s mortal remains were reburied at the memorial, having been exhumed from the civilian cemetery of Seine-Maritime near the port city of Le Havre on Friday.Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said that through Private Myengwa, all members of the South African Native Labour Corps and the First South African Infantry Brigade were now at peace, with their dignity having being restored and their humiliation erased.“Today we correct a historical injustice, and thereby restore the human dignity and affirm the citizenship of the members of the South African Native Labour Corps,” Ramaphosa said.“We are here to mark the constitutional injunction that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, and that all enjoy equal rights and protection before the law.“Private Myengwa represents the more than 90 000 members of the South African Native Labour Corps who volunteered to serve in the First World War, despite the humiliation and discrimination to which they were subjected daily.“Gallant African volunteers were reduced to mere labourers,” Ramaphosa said. “Even in death they were buried in separate cemeteries.“With this reinterment, not only do we bring together black and white comrades-in-arms to rest peacefully in one cemetery, but we also lay to rest the myth of racial superiority that has been the cause of so much suffering.“With the reinterment of Private Myengwa here at Delville Wood, we confirm the contribution of all South Africans during the World Wars – from the watery grave of the more than 600 heroes of the SS Mendi, to Normandy, to the Somme, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, the Middle East and Africa. So little is known of their deeds, bravery, suffering and sacrifice in the service of humanity.”The reburial, organised by the South African Embassy in France, was also witnessed by Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa, Deputy International Relations Minister Nomaindia Mfeketo, and Ambassador Dolana Msimang. Ramaphosa afterwards laid a wreath at the French and SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

‘De Paul will end up at Milan’

first_imgAs it is reported Milan plan to step up their pursuit of Rodrigo de Paul, Luciano Moggi expects the Udinese forward to become Rossonero. Milan were briefly linked with De Paul over the summer but were in constant contact with his agent Agustin Jimenez, who also represents Angel Correa. According to, the Diavolo are not giving up on the Argentina international, although any move may have to wait until next year. That is because the 25-year-old recently signed a new contract with Udinese, taking him through to 2024 and in turn giving the Zebrette leverage. Despite his apparent €30m valuation, Milan would have remained in touch with Jimenez. Meanwhile, Moggi – the former Juventus general manager – told 7Gold: “De Paul’s coming. “He needed to come at the start of the season but, for a thousand reasons, the deal didn’t go through. “Now they’re in the midst of restoration and he’ll almost certainly go to Milan. He’s the player the Rossoneri need.” De Paul has assisted two goals in six Serie A appearances so far this season. Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: read more

Conte: ‘Inter players have won nothing’

first_imgAntonio Conte continued his rant against Inter’s transfer strategy after defeat in Dortmund. “Apart from Diego Godin, these players haven’t won anything and lack experience.” The Nerazzurri were leading 2-0 at half-time only to fall 3-2 in the Champions League trip to Borussia Dortmund. “We have too limited a squad to face both Serie A and Champions League football this season. I mean limited both in terms of numbers and quality,” Conte told Sport Mediaset. “Some players have to be on the field constantly and in the long run, you do pay for that. I am furious, because this cancels out all the good work.” He continued to insist the January transfer window is already too late to make changes. “I am not asking the club for anything, these are the players and we go into battle with these players. The club will make its evaluations, I am just saying all of us got it badly wrong when planning for this season. “We are in an emergency situation with only three players injured, whereas other teams have injuries and don’t even notice. We notice. “We are talking about a group of players who, apart from Godin, haven’t won anything. It’s difficult then to deal with a tough situation. “Who do I call on? Nicolò Barella, who we signed from Cagliari? Or Stefano Sensi, who arrived from Sassuolo? I will always thank the players for giving their heart and soul, and I know that I am asking for the kind of strain that some find it difficult to deal with. “We can’t let our current position in the table disguise the problems that are there.” The issues are due to get worse, because Matteo Politano left the stadium with crutches and only wearing one shoe, as he played the final 15 minutes with a sprained ankle, as all the substitutions had been completed. Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: read more

Video: Kansas’ Wayne Selden Destroys Baylor Defender On Transition Dunk

first_imgWayne Selden's dunk against Baylor.Selden DunkKansas is in control against Baylor mid-way through the second half of the Big 12 semifinals tonight in Kansas City. Jayhawks guard Wayne Selden just produced one for the highlight reels, absolutely destroying the poor Baylor defender who tried to take a charge as he drove the lane on a fast break.Selden finished the dunk off in thunderous fashion, much to the delight of his uncle, who is shown at the end of this clip.Wayne. Selden.— Chris Stone (@cstonehoops) March 12, 2016That’s one they’ll be showing for a while.last_img read more

Photo: Here’s The Moment Christian Hackenberg Found Out He Was Drafted

first_imgChristian Hackenberg winds up to throw.STATE COLLEGE, PA – NOVEMBER 21: Christian Hackenberg #14 of the Penn State Nittany Lions throws a pass in the second quarter against the Michigan Wolverines at Beaver Stadium on November 21, 2015 in State College, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images)Christian Hackenberg was one of the more hotly debated players in the entire NFL Draft, but he didn’t have to wait until day three to find out where he will begin his pro career. The Penn State quarterback was taken 51st overall by the New York Jets, and judging by the photo he posted to Sqor from the moment he found out, he was pretty thrilled. On the other side of the equation, the Jets posted video of the call placed to Hackenberg.The call to @chackenberg1!A video posted by New York Jets (@nyjets) on Apr 29, 2016 at 7:08pm PDT Hackenberg is definitely a project, but the Jets are in need of a quarterback to step in if they can’t reach a deal with last year’s starter, Ryan Fitzpatrick. We’ll find out soon enough whether or not this is a good match.last_img read more