Montego Glover Joins the FBI! Tony Nominee Nabs Recurring Role on The Following

first_img In The Following, Glover will appear alongside Kevin Bacon (whom she is now only one degree away from). The drama follows FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon) as he tries to catch murderous cult leader Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) after his escape from prison. Created by Kevin Williamson, The Following premiered January 21, 2013. Broadway alum Montego Glover is trading in her dancing shoes for a badge. The Tony nominee will play the recurring role of FBI analyst Lawrence on season two of the FOX drama The Following, according to The series’ second season will begin January 2014. No official premiere date has been set. Glover garnered a Tony nomination for her turn as Felicia in Memphis, and also appeared on Broadway in The Color Purple. No stranger to the small screen, Glover’s additional TV credits include Smash, Hostages, Made in Jersey, White Collar, Law & Order and The Good Wife. Star Filescenter_img Montego Glover View Commentslast_img read more

Finding a Local Doctor

first_imgThe best rule in the search for a health care provider in a new location is the sooner, the better. Before you arrive at your new assignment, you can check the Washington State Department of Health’s provider credential search at This should give you a preview of the local medical practitioners as well as where you might need to go for specialized care.Personal referrals from friends or other medical personnel can add to your options.Building trust with a health care provider takes time, so don’t wait until a family member is ill to find a doctor, nurse practitioner or other health care provider.You can check a physician’s certification at the American Board of Medical Specialties at you have selected a health care provider, consider the following.When you scheduled your appointment, was the receptionist friendly, prompt and professional? Did he or she take the time to answer your questions? Were you left on hold too long?When you arrived for your appointment, were you greeted promptly? Was the reception area clean and comfortable? Was the staff friendly and willing to answer your questions?Did you have to wait long in the exam room before the doctor arrived? Was the exam room orderly and clean, with a chair for a family member?When the doctor arrived and introduced himself or herself, did he or she seem rushed or tired? Did you get a good first impression?During the consultation, did nurses or assistants pop in and out? Did the doctor seem caring, compassionate and sympathetic to your concerns?last_img read more

Veloflex Servizio Corse & Service Course add width & crazy-supple 350tpi casing

first_imgThe new Servizio Corse and Service Course come in a 25mm size, both hitting a weight of 265 grams using the same 350tpi two-layer casing. What’s the difference? The Servizio Corse has natural tan sidewalls, while the Service Course is all black.The new tires feature a 42mm Presta valve with removable core, and a maximum pressure of 130psi (9 bar).Veloflex is clear that these tires aren’t for everyone, and are intended as fast-rolling, high-grip racing tires. They have the same puncture layer as other models, but with a lighter casing. Both the Service Course and Servizio Corse are available now for a price of € Veloflex is known for their supple tubular tires, and just announced two 25mm width options that weigh almost the same as 23mm tires. Called the Servizio Corse and Service Course, the new tires use a two-layer 350tpi casing for extreme flexibility and low rolling resistance, along with exemplary grip and comfort.Veloflex Servizio Corse & Service Course 25mm tubular road tiresVeloflex might not be the biggest brand in the US, but they have an established history in Europe – often showing up on pros’ bikes or under other brand names. While traditional tubular tires were often in the range of 18 – 23mm, things have slowly evolved, with more and more professionals using 25 and even 28mm sizes.last_img read more

Velo Orange Voyager builds classic bike looks on wide tubeless gravel & trail rims

first_imgVelo Orange are proud proponents of classic bike style, but by no means are they adverse to new technology. Their latest Voyager polished alloy rims are the perfect example – bringing modern wide tubeless performance to a mirror finish box section alloy rim in 3 wheel sizes. And while you are eliminating flats from your classic ride, why not add a shiny new set of matching polished fenders as well…Velo Orange Voyager modern box section tubeless rimsc. Velo OrangeYou can’t call Velo Orange (VO) luddites with great modern tech like this. It’s hard to argue with the classic good looks of a traditional road or touring bike with a polished aluminum groupset and matching shiny alloy wheels. Now, VO can bring the smoother ride & fewer flats benefits of modern tubeless tires to that old bike while keeping its good looks. Paired with the fact that the most popular all-road & gravel tires now come with a tan/skin/brown wall option, it’s getting easier to mix retro & modern – on or off-road.Tech detailsFrom the outside the Voyager maintains the looks of a traditional box section alloy rim. But the 19mm deep polished aluminum rim is entirely modern, and built to handle a mix or road & gravel trail conditions.The Voyager has a modern 27mm external width, 22.1mm internal to fit tires from 38mm up to 2.4″ (61mm) wide, according to VO. You can probably dial it back down to 28mm or 30mm road tires as well as we have seen with most other tubeless wheel producers on similarly wide rims.The new rims aren’t just wider, but get a proper set of bead shelf locking lips to snap your tubeless tires securely into place. VO also says they kept the center of the rim channel relatively shallow to make an easy seal for simple first inflation of a tubeless setup with a floor pump, while still making it easy enough to get the tire on in the first place.The disc brake Voyager rim (no machined braking surface, but you can still apparently use rim brakes too since it has flat, parallel sidewalls) is all about versatility and comes in three different rim diameters (ISO), all with the same profile: 26″ (559), 650b/27.5″ (584), and 700c/29″ (622). The rims aren’t intended to build super lightweight wheels, but rather durable mixed-surface road & touring wheels so they all get stainless steel eyelets and come in 32 or 36 hole spoke drilling. Claimed single rim weights are: 576g for 26″, 597g for 650b & 638g for 700c.All three diameters or drillings sell for the same $85 price per rim, available direct from Velo Orange.Velo Orange Enterprise alloy touring rimsNot nearly as advanced, VO has also updated their classic Enterprise box section alloy touring rims with a move to single eyelets, saving weight & maintaining durability. They say that improvements in alloys, nipples & spokes means they can drop a bunch of weight without performance sacrifice. The new $85 Enterprise rims are 16.3mm internal for 25-38mm tires, and are offered in 700c (622) & 27″ (630) and 32 or 36 hole drilling.Velo Orange Smooth Fenders for 650b or 700c all-road & gravelVO makes a number of patterned alloy full-coverage fenders – wavy, fluted, hammered, or even snakeskin. Now by popular demand from all-road gravel riders, they’ve added a simple Smooth look as well.Available in 650b x 58mm (to fit up to 50mm tires) and 700c x 38mm (to fit 30mm tires) either Smooth Fender pair sells for $76 and comes in either polished Silver or shiny black Noir. Fenders come pre-drilled and include matching (sliver or black) alloy stays & all mounting hardware.Velo-Orange.comlast_img read more

KOM Cycling gets stylish with MEGA options for Wahoo Colored Mounts

first_imgSimilar to the KOM Garmin mounts we’ve tested, the Wahoo versions use a simple 3mm bolt. The inside surface of the clamp area is rubberized to prevent slipping or damaging your handlebar.If you’re running bars smaller than 31.8mm diameter, rubber shims are included.While my time has been limited with the new mounts, they seem to be performing as-expected: Solid, slip-free, and they put my computer exactly where I want it.The KOM Cycling Wahoo Colored Mounts are available now for $ KOM Cycling announced a bevy of new color options for their line of Wahoo Bike Mounts. As the name suggests, they’re compatible with Wahoo cycling computers, such as the MINI, BOLT, ELEMNT and ROAM. They’ll mount up to 31.8mm-or-smaller bars, giving you a stylish and secure way to display your device.KOM doesn’t just make mounts for Wahoo, and we’ve already taken a close look at their Garmin-compatible products (which can also be used to hold and display a smartphone). Wahoo continues to grow in popularity, so KOM wanted to offer something for everyone.Note that, similar to the Garmin-compatible products, you have multiple mounting options. The Wahoo Classic Mount and Wahoo Colored Mount (above) display your device above handlebar-level.The Wahoo Aero mount (above) lowers your computer down, so it is in-line with the handlebar. For now, the Aero version is available in black ONLY, but it puts the clamping bolt facing up, so it’s much easier to access.The chart above should help to clarify what’s what, including compatibility with the various Wahoo devices.KOM Cycling Wahoo mount review & actual weights Weight for my test samples came in exactly as advertised, at 24 grams each. I weighed the ‘carbon’ one separately just to see if it’d be any lighter, but it appears to be a cosmetic carbon finish.last_img read more

Interbike 2010: Point One Split-Second 90mm stem

first_imgBike magpies that we are, it’s easy to get drawn into booths by shiny bits of aluminum.  At Interbike this week, normally downhill-oriented Point One Racing were showing off near-final prototypes of their new, longer 90mm Split-Second stem.  Startlingly light, the body of the Split-Second is machined from a block of aluminum and weighs in at ~140g 109g with Ti hardware and 119g with steel.  The weight is more impressive when the fact that the stem integrates a top cap and that weight also includes a top cap bolt.  There were still a few sharp edges on the prototype and the stem unfortunately won’t be available polished (black anodized or white powder coated only), but the Split-Second will probably be just as sexy when it becomes available in December for about $145 $149.  Click ‘more‘ for more photos.www.pointoneracing.comlast_img read more

Exposure Lights lets loose new technology for their 2012 product line

first_imgAcross the pond, Exposure Lights is pumping out some high quality, high lumens packing, self contained lighting systems.  To help keep the lights cooler, and thus, make them last longer, Exposure is introducing their Thermal Management (ITM) technology for the 2012 product range.ITM’s main goal is to keep the LED’s from over heating, which causes them to become less efficient.  The patented ITM technology is claimed to increase burn time by helping save battery power as well.ITM is not the only upgrade to be found here either.  The housings have been tweaked to help rid the lights of heat.  Exposure has upped the anti with more powerful LEDs across the entire range, starting with the Six Pack and going all the way down the line to the Spark.   And don’t worry, all the great features such as the Smart Port, fuel gage, and cable free design are still there.last_img read more

TDF2015 Tech: Team Sky’s Pinarellos, and the winner is…

first_imgThe bikes were outfitted with the Textreme PRO carbon tubular wheels. The team originally helped test the wheels during development and had first dibs on them last year.The cockpits had a wide range of bar shapes and extension angles and spacers.Richie Porte’s Bolide was custom painted to celebrate his winning the Australian national championship for road race and individual time trial.Congratulations to Chris Froome on his second Tour de France win! Team Sky proved to not just have the best support cars, but also the best rider. Fending off plenty of attacks and surviving the final stage rolling champagne party, Chris Froome took home the yellow jersey with an overall win of the 2015 Tour de France.Check out the team’s Pinarello bikes below… Froome and double Gold Medalist Geraint Thomas’ bikes were kept on the outside edge of the team cars, putting them in quick reach. The second car behind it had duplicates so no matter which one was where, they were ready.Froome’s bikes were running some “unofficial” chainrings…The wild looking Osymmetric rings had their logos taped off with varying degrees of success, but the shape would give them away regardless. If there were any doubt remaining about the benefits of non-round chainrings, here’s a pretty good nail in the coffin.Fellow teammate Peter Kennaugh had a special paint scheme to celebrate the fact that he’s British national road race champ.center_img The water bottles were marked with their names for sports drink, with code for what was in them. Bottles with plain water had blue bite valves.The Pinarello Bolide carried the riders through the time trial stages.last_img read more

New Carbon Rim DT Swiss Road Bicycle Wheels

first_imgTubulars are shown, however all three are available in clincher as well.  Clincher US retail prices will be $1,646 front and $1,989 rear across the line.  Clinchers have a max inflation limit of 140psi.  Clincher weights are:RRC 32: 570g F / 680g RRRC 46: 595g F / 705g RRRC 66: 770g F / 880g RNot shown are their new full carbon disc wheels, the RRC 1055 Tubular (1055g, $2,727 USD) and RRC 1300 Clincher (1300g, $2,866 USD). All wheels come with SwissStop brake shoes.The spokes are tightened via nipples hidden in the rim.  The nipples are adjustable with a 2mm hex key, and they’re rounded on the outside edge to allow them to seat correctly without lateral tension.The hubs are a little lighter than their standard 240s.  They have machined out ratchets and smaller stainless steel bearings.Word on the street is the BMC pro road team will be racing this starting mid-year.Another new toy DT Swiss is playing with is this new ratchet.  Intended for their upcoming BMX wheels (see what happens when a sport gets into the Olympics?), it has twice as many engagement points for instant acceleration.  Their rep said it’ll be available to go into most of their hubs, but it’s probably not a good fit for most people since it will create a little more drag.  Nevertheless, they said their sponsored downhill riders were clamoring for it just because it was shiny and new. UPDATED: 4pm 2009 SEA OTTER CLASSIC COVERAGE: DT Swiss showed off a number of new wheels with some serious technical improvements.  Shown above are the RRC 32, 46 and 66, named for their rim depth.  They’re available in both front and rear, with each wheel being sold separately so you can mix and match based on your particular needs.  The names of the wheels, below, give away their specs in that the three-digit number is the weight (+/- 5g) and the letter is (F)ront or (R)rear:RRC 425F 32 (420g, $1,450 – spokes: 20 radial)RRC 525R 32 (530g, $1,755 – spokes: 24 2X)RRC 445F 46 (445g, $1,450 – spokes: 20 radial)RRC 555R 46 (555g, $1,755 – spokes: 24 2X)RRC 625F 66 (630g, $1,450 – spokes: 16 radial)RRC 725F 66 (730g, $1,755 – spokes: 20 2X)Prices are the same regardless of rim depth across the line, and rear wheels are available with either a 9/10 Shimano or 9/10/11 Campy freehub body.  Hubs have 100mm spacing front and 130mm rear, both based on their 240s hubs.  Wheels are mounted via DT Swiss’ RWS Road Titan ti skewer system.Hit ‘more’ for lots of pics and more specs and details…last_img read more

Bikes of the 2016 Taiwan KOM: Brett Lindstrom’s Lightweight Urgestalt

first_imgBrett Lindstrom is a former U.S. Pro rider and hill climb champion. Brett may have hung up his wheels but remains affiliated with cycling as the face of Lake Cycling Shoes in the United States. This isn’t the first time he’s appeared at the Taiwan KOM Challenge. In 2014, Brett and the rest of the field suffered on the gradients and the endless rain that doused the mountain. Two years later, the 2016 edition of the race was run under near perfect weather conditions. Perfect for riding fast, provided you have the legs.Magura USA are the importers of the Lightweight brand into the United States. Known mostly for their premium hand-made carbon wheels, German based Lightweight expanded their portfolio to include high performance frames. The Urgestalt came into existence around 2012, and is a frame Lightweight feel is the perfect chassis to match the performance of their wheelsets. Magura USA kindly loaned a 13lb Lightweight Urgestalt for a period of review to Brett – less than ideal, I snapped pics of Brett’s bike in a hotel room – ultimately the bike that Brett would use to conquer the 2016 Taiwan KOM Challenge. Click on through for more info about the bike…Lightweight claim the Urgestalt facilitates optimal power transmission, allowing a rider’s power to flow through the frame and into the wheelset with no losses.It’s designed in Germany, but Lightweight keep manufacturing costs and retail prices down by shifting frame production to Asia. It is well known that many companies in this region of world are at the forefront of carbon fiber frame production.It wouldn’t be a Lightweight bike unless it was shod with a pair of Lightweight wheels. In the case of Brett’s bike, the Gipfelsturm wheelset with its rim depth of 27mm, was one of the factors that aided Brett’s fantastic ride to the summit. Relatively low profile by today’s carbon rim standards, the Gipfelsturm weigh a little over 1,000 grams and is reasonably aerodynamic considering its shallow rim depth. Vredestein’s Forteza Senso all-weather tubular tires handled the rubber.CeramicSpeed bearings are at the heart of the Gipfelsturm wheelset, held securely in place with Lightweight’s carbon handle skewers, tipping the scale at a scant 44 grams… for the pair.Shimano’s ultra-reliable Dura-Ace Di2 9070 groupset is fitted to Brett’s Urgestalt. Compact 50 / 34 chainrings are fitted.No chain catcher or other form of chain retention was used.The Ultegra 6800 cassette on the rear Gipfelsturm wheel is an 11-32. A few inward turns of the B-screw allow the short cage Di2 derailleur to accurately and reliably shift on a cassette that Shimano says is beyond the capacity of the derailleur.Handarbeit fur Beinarbeit translates to Hand Finished Handcrafted to be Leg Powered. German speakers, please correct me if I am wrong.Regardless of a mechanical or wired electronic drivetrain, all cables on the Urgestalt, including the rear brake cable, are routed discreetly inside the frame.In the case of Shimano’s 9070 Dura-Ace Di2, only one of the downtube cable ports is utilized.No direct-mount brakes or other aero fork tricks for the Urgestalt.The standard Dura-Ace 9070 brake is easy to install, easy to adjust and has plenty of stopping power.Shimano Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 shifters fitted to a Lightweight branded handlebar, wrapped in Lightweight branded handlebar tape. 3T’s ARX Team stem in a 100mm length / 6 degree angle keeps the handlebar securely connected to the steerer tube of the Urgestalt.Lightweight’s combination spacer / control box hanger for electronic, wired drivetrains.Lightweight branded carbon fiber bottle cage. MSRP on one of these is $US 150.00.Difficult to see from this angle, the seatpost binder is tucked beneath the top tube of the Urgestalt.A slightly used Selle Italia Superflow saddle is perched atop the aerodynamic, setback, Lightweight seatpost. The Lightweight Urgestalt frame and fork is available in six sizes and retails for $US 6,500.00. Brett was astride a 58 with a 57.5cm top tube.Brett Lindstrom. Photo by Paolo Penni Martelli.Don’t underestimate the difficulty of the Taiwan KOM Challenge. Brett is an accomplished rider and pushed himself hard, suffering badly from altitude sickness in the final 10 kilometers. Once across the finish line in a time of 4:15:25, Brett was tended to by paramedics and given oxygen. A short time later he was transported down the mountain a little to a lower elevation.For an account of my 2016 Taiwan KOM experience, check out Part One, Part Two, Part Three and my Race Day video.Lightweight Wheels and Urgestalt FramesArticle and photos by Gravel Cyclist. Jayson O’Mahoney is the Gravel Cyclist: A website about the Gravel Cycling Experience.last_img read more